Can you buy Add-Ons on a Paid plan with Reward Points?

I wanted to add 500mb for 10 bucks to my paid plan. Can I use my reward balance or will it take it out of my credit card?

I'd like to know the answer to this question, too, since I have two paid plans. What was said below concerns the free plan with the silver lining that, even though no one has yet reported that one can go online and use rewards for add-- ons, they can be purchased using rewards via CS without CC being charged, at least in Woo's case with his free plan. I guess it would be best to ask CS the paid plan add on question to avoid the risk of CC being charged.

Woo wrote 2 months ago: "I ran out of my free 100MB data allotment so I sent FreeUp support a question asking about buying add-on data with my accrued rewards.

They responded that the feature was not available online yet, but that they could process it if I sent approval in a response. I said sure and they deducted $5 from my rewards for an additional 200MB. All within a few hours today."

"Chosen wrote 2 days ago: "I was wondering if FU got the feature to purchase add-ons ONLINE using REWARDS working yet....the answer is Not yet, the system will charge your card if you have one on file. Calling or emailing support seems to still be the only way to utilize rewards for an add-on."