Can it really be 3000 Commercials?

I did some estimates recently and was shocked to see that when you consider some ads pay nothing, some pay 1 tenth of a penny, 2 tenths, 4 tenths, and the occasional 1.5 cents, how many ads do you have to watch on average to get 10 bucks to pay for a Red Pocket plan for example. Well, I ran the numbers and it seems you need to watch on average 3 ads to get one penny. So you would need to watch 3,000 ads in a month to get your ten bucks. Wow. When you look at it that way it makes me wonder if it's worth it. Gone are the days of 3 cent ads that added up quickly. When we were getting 3 cents for some ads I racked up a couple hundred dollars and paid (stacked) my Red Pocket plan many months in advance. But when those credits run out, I don't know how eager I will be to watch 3,000 commercials a month. Of course YMMV and this does not count surveys and downloading games which I usually don't do.

Are you adding Match pot and split pot and the swipe left offers and the surveys? To your math?

No i'm not adding match pot, split pot, and swipe left. If you factor those in you would not have to watch so many commercials. But even if it reduced it by a third, 2000 commercials still sounds like a lot to me.

Thank you! thank you! thank you! Now you know how I feel.

For example I got a 800 silver pot tonight. So I would have to add that to the total to be divided by number of swipes. Right?

So by your post. 800 silver pot equals 400 to 800 swipes?

I understand your frustration and I also want the 30 to 60 silver steady ads back.

But you need to have a correct total picture. In other words it is not as bad as you think.

The last time I tried to work out similar math involved only the period of acquiring my 20 daily contest entries (sometime in July). I came up with an average of about 8 silver per ad viewed. (This did include surveys that might have popped up while getting my 20 entries, but did not include the single SplitPot win I've had.) That seemed consistent over a period of a couple of weeks, on 2 devices.

I am certain that including match-the-pot wins, my average goes up considerably higher than that, although I haven't accumulated data against ads viewed.  I understand the argument against including match game wins-- but I think it's just as defensible to include them (and the surveys) in average point production, since everyone will win some match games and see surveys if they swipe for a while.  The app is geared to produce them, so removing them from any production equation may not be the best route.

Depending on your swiping style, points-per-ad-viewed may not be the most important analysis criteria. I usually feel that points-per-minute is a more important analysis, and some lower point ads pay higher per-time-unit rates than long video ads.

Get rid of that match all pot and split the pot games! It is a!most impossible for a Nigerian to win either, and it is not good for one who has already had such a hard time in earning any silvers to contribute so that winners can win more.

Obviously, the easier it is for you to earn silvers, the easier it is for you to win the games. So the games encourage those who are well equipped to play but discourage those who are less fortunate. As the awards go to a highly specific group, the value of the marketing decreases due to lack of braid coverage. Being viewed 10000 times by 10 people is less valuable than being viewed 10 times by 10000 people.

It seems to me the games are designed to reward:

  1. those who swipe at least some every day
  2. those who swipe for some extended period of time, at least occasionally.

Both are reasonable things to encourage for CN's business model. I realize that it's not necessarily good for every user, and I'm not particularly a fan of either game, but I recognize it can make sense from a business perspective.

What does nationality have to do with it? That is a confusing statement.

As far as equipment is concerned. I agree without home wifi you are doomed. Unless you can find a business with a open and non limit wifi.

I always thought management offices should offer free wifi to people who live there.

Hawg was just using humor by bringing up his native country.

Ok I guess I did not get the humor and took him literally.

Like cellnuvo has a hidden feature or something like that.

Is there not a cheap internet solution (hard wired) for the parks he lives at? I thought Att had a $20 a month alternative.

Truly without real internet he us doomed

Has he looked into the free sprint thing?

Truly he could get a cheap sprint use phone on swappa r someone here might have a backup for sale

@Frasier1, thanks for your amazing-and-pretty-darned-accurate analysis! Although I haven't run the numbers like you, and I didn't see red (or blue) like you did when you realized the ROI for swiping (a little humor based on your OP :)), I definitely have noticed that, some days, it takes a long time to accrue even 1 gold, and I am spending a goodly amount of time to accomplish that. In my case, that's OK with me, since I'm usually swiping while watching TV shows or movies and it doesn't interfere with that.

For me, the benefits of FREE (my absolute favorite 4-letter F word) far outweigh the need to swipe a little longer than before, but I certainly understand and respect that the reduced rewards can and will be a deal-breaker for some CN clients. As has been pointed out on a different thread, that's the way the free market works; people can stay if they're OK with the reduced rewards, or leave if they're not, and in the case of CN, probably the only thing they may have lost is their time invested.

Thanks again for your eye-opening post, and please feel free to update your calculations if / when the payout rates change, hopefully for the better!

My original point was simply this: If I told you I have a free app that lets you get points by watching commercials and then use those points to pay your cell phone bill, most people would say "Wow, count me in, where do I get that app?" (I know this because I've done just that many times) However, if I asked you if you would be willing to watch about 3,000 commercials to get 10 bucks, most people would say "Are you out of your mind! no way, not worth it, I even skip commercials while watching TV, thanks, but no thanks!" (again, I know this because I've done this) Perspective is everything.....

Chelle you are so beautiful and kind.

I average 10 to 15 gold, per month, and I don't watch anywhere near that many commercials. By strategically using VPNs I can almost always get between 1 and 3 surveys that pay 100 to 187 silver. So my daily goal is to get my 20 entries for the split-the-pot, and try to get as close to 3 surveys as possible. My daily investment is about 15 minutes, usually while doing other things.

Assuming I'm watching 30 per day, in order to get 20 credited entries, that's 900 per month. Assuming that I burn through another 20 per day to get my surveys, that's another 600 per month. While 1500 commercials sounds like a lot, about 25% of them are 1 pointers that can be closed as quickly as they display.

Bottom line, for me, is that it's a very nominal investment of my time to accumulate 10 to 15 gold, per month-- which is my goal.

Nationality certainly has something to do with a person's achievement. Do you think a person from a shithole can actually be a gourmet cook?

On the other hand, if I can afford att internet, which, btw, has the most disgusting customer service and the most unethical billing practice and marketing strategy, why would I swipe for phone service?

I do have a sprint phone with ringplus, but it is not welcome by sprint. This phone is treated differently by CN too. Only 1 silver, 3 silver, and pollfish survey will load on it. I swiped for three days and could only make 300 silvers. How to win the game?

What is os on that phone?

Zte speed

What is the Android version on that phone?

My two phones I tried with 4.4.4. Only gets 1 or 5 silver ads

Truer words were never spoken, er, posted! I agree with you that most folks wouldn't sign up for that payout rate if it was disclosed in advance, but at least with the CN app, as @Chelle pointed out, many of the 1- and 2-point ads can be closed almost instantaneously (and hopefully still credit), which makes getting through them a bit quicker than having to fast-forward through typical ads on TV shows.

My perspective / situation / bottom line is probably a lot different from most of the rest of you, since I was quite late to the CN scene. In order to accumulate plenty of gold so I can fund both of our phones' monthly plans in perpetuity (or until CN quits paying, whichever comes first), I am currently swiping as much and as often as I can; once I have a 6-month cushion available for each account, no doubt I'll back off and only swipe enough to maintain that reserve. Or maybe win another Split-The-Pot jackpot? :slight_smile: