Can it really be 3000 Commercials?

Zte speed with Android 4.4.4. It only gets an 1 silver or 3 (rather than 5) silver ad every 5-10 swipes, and occasionally a survey but very rare. That rotating dotty circle never loads.

With a maven 3, which has a 7.1.1 Android, I can get an 1 silver or 3 (rather than 5) silver ad every 3-6 swipes, a malteser occasionally, and a survey per day on average. Sometimes the survey is very long.

Before I arrived in US, everybody told me that I can have everything for free, free tv, free cellphone, free housing, free food, free this, free that, and even a gorgeous white girlfriend (I heard that they like us Nigerian big boys very much), but none of this is (no longer) true.

I hope that I can have a job, a decent life, and a beautiful and kind girlfriend like Chelle. I am very hateful now but I understand that after crawling out of a shithole I will still carry the stench for a long time.

You crack me up, Hawg. I hope your sardonic wit isn't lost on those who read your comments. :slight_smile: