Breaking News: CV line active on Red Pocket / Sprint with new number


Please do a PRL and network update on your device. Your service is available on our new platform. We will have more details shortly.

I just received the same e-mail from CellNuvo support stating to do a network and PRL update to receive service. It works as others have reported, but with a 331 area code. I am more concerned about my original (correct) phone number than I am about having a functioning phone. Please respond to that point soon, CellNuvo--thank you!

I did the PRL update and I am getting calls/ texts with 331 area code number, but my data is not working...anyone else having this issue?

Hopefully we will get more clarification as to what is going on, BUT I am happy that service is restored and moving in that direction as I was having flashbacks to loss of service from what happened with RP.

I do hope when everything is said and done that Cellnuvo continues to thrive as it has been a great service so far even with the recent issues this last week which may have been beyond their control.

I would venture a guess that our original numbers are still safe. I would suggest seeing what the plan is before doing anything.

No emails received here.

Just to clarify, the e-mail I received was a direct response to a query I had submitted to CellNuvo support regarding my lines. It was not a userbase-wide e-mail.

Ah ok on the email reply..

I did not add any funds to my account, nor did I try and create an account.

RedPocket prices are close to Ting? i dont think so. ting has a line fee that sucks. if redpocket is similar to ting in terms of price cellnuvo will not be able to survive.

I relayed the prices based on Red Pocket's website. $10 a month was the cheapest and that has only 100MB (yes 500 text and 500 voice, but for someone that does not use them, its sort of like Ting's fee).

Since I posted that I see the $60/year deal on Red Pocket's eBay store that comes out to $5/month for 500MB, 100 voice and 100 text. That is pretty decent, so I rescind my statement :wink:

I did PRL update few times but still all calls goes to red pocket customer service. Any suggestion to resolve this issue?

our tos with cellnuvo remains the same and governs the unit price. we are not subject to price listed on redpocket website, right? if they charge a line fee like ting, hell i will run away like a rabbit seeing a grey wolf.

That was more of a what to do if we are back on our own again. If we are still with CV then its a non issue of course.

Tom says the website will be updated in the next 30 minutes or so.

They are working on the numbers but everyone is active. I'm still getting redpocket customer service. I imagine that will be fixed at some point.

The website was just updated a few minutes ago, to add the info about doing a profile/PRL update.

There is no new information that we are looking for, unfortunately.

yes I see - I was hoping for more.

It seems those who did the prl last night are still getting the redpocket customer service message. Those who waited are able to make calls etc.

Tom says he is working on the numbers.

I updated one last night and one today, both are working. So maybe they have not finished auto loading accounts.

Got the message on the phone for additional update as below
Update for CellNUVO Subscribers!

Dear Customer:

For the last few days you may have noticed issues with your service. As noted in previous updates, these issues were a direct result of our carrier partner closing their business and operations. We apologize for any inconvenience during this period.

We are pleased to announce that as of close of business today we will have completed our transition to our new carrier partner, Red Pocket. This is really exceptional for you, as you now will have a much more robust support team, but even better, this gives you connectivity to far better service offerings through Red Pocket. For example, in exchange for Gold, you will now be able to obtain unlimited slow speed data plans, or unlimited text, talk, and data. We are also now focused on rolling out our iPhone app, phones for Gold and converting Gold to gift cards.

We are beyond excited about this move and we hope that recent service issues are behind us. Many of our staff and partners have been working around the clock on this, and I want to thank them for that, and you for your patience. We want to thank you for your patience with the following:

We have preloaded all accounts with service credits that you can use any way you wish, for example 1667 texts or 250 minutes or 250MB of data. Or some combination of all three.

PLUS we want to go above and beyond, so we want you to choose your additional bonus program:

o Option 1: Starting September 1, 2017 we will give you 25% bonus Silver on whatever you earn until 2018.
o Option 2: Starting September 1, 2017 we will give you 10% bonus Silver on whatever you earn until 2019.

When you decide which option you prefer, please email and we will handle it from there.

If your phone is having service issues please follow the steps below, this should resolve them.

PRL Update

Depending on the device, there is some variation in where you'll find the PRL update settings.

Settings > About Phone > Update PRL
Settings > Sprint System Updates > Update PRL
Settings > System Updates > Update PRL
Once found, please select "Update PRL". In some cases, your device will automatically restart.

Network (or Profile) Update

From the home screen press Menu button --> Settings
Scroll down and select System Updates and press Update Profile.
Wait for the process to complete. In some cases, your device will automatically restart.

If these steps have not resolved the issue or if you need anything, please contact and we will get back to you as soon possible.


PS: You have asked if we can provide the newest top of the line devices for Gold (iPhone and Samsung) and activate on any network, well the answer is yes.

I updated today morning and still getting redpocket customer service message

Support tells me to do it multiple times to make it stick. So far nothing.

For those having problems, have you tried a carrier reset? (My phone is at home, so I haven't tried anything....)

I'm with mmfacemm, mine's still giving me the 'welcome to red pocket mobile' along with the same message from cellnuvo support to 'try it several times'.