Breaking News: CV line active on Red Pocket / Sprint with new number

I do not know if this is an interum step, but I swapped a non-Sprint SIM into my s7 edge, then back to the Sprint/CV sim (why, because I can), and it is now active on Red Pocket. I have not idea what that means, or where my real number is, and the phone is now active on Sprint again. OK its not technically active, all calls go to Red Pocket, where one of the options is to activate service. Not doing that.

So that tells us something!


Maybe they are partnering with redpocket to deliver the cell side of the business? Redpocket are experienced multi-network operators so that would make sense.

I'll see if I can recreate your finding with my phone.

Has your phone # stayed the same?
My phone is active WITH A DIFFERENT #

I was given a new number. It is hopefully an interim step to whatever the destination is..

Be careful though. This prevents you from porting out at least for now.

RedPocket prices are close to Ting (data wise and/or on the low end), so if we are being auto moved at some point (such as RingPlus to Ting), this would delay moving to a cheaper alternative, Tello, for instance.

Also, RedPocket has no roaming, so if you are sticking around to see if we still have roaming, that might not be a good sign.

I wonder if Red Pocket's aggressive pricing on Amazon and now eBay (just last week) is somehow related to this

Nothing happened for me with a sim swap.

As a reminder it has been stated a few times cellnuvo is going nowhere.

Line is now active (with Chicago are number, go figur). I can make and receive calls (did not connect as I have no idea what we have for limits). RP does not give you balance status on the IVR, you have to have to use the website, and register of course. Skipping that until we know more.

This would be a perfect time for a status update :wink:

Same here, my line is fully active and has a 331 area code.
Agree this would be the perfect time for Cellnuvo to step up and let us know what is going on!

Red Pocket bought CellNuvo?

Seems plausible cellnuvo are subcontracting redpocket to deliver the cellular side and cellnuvo will focus on the ad platform and bringing it all together. They are growing and might need help from a bigger player. It helps that redpocket have all 4 networks so maybe we are in for a treat with carrier choice.

Then again lots of plausible scenarios.

Yeah we need some clarification on wtf is going on, to put it bluntly.

Totally agree.

R.I.P Cellnuvo 2017.

10:25 pm
We apologize, we were not informed of the change. We do have your number activated but we have no update on why it was transferred.
We will be more than happy to assist you in putting funds in your account and make your phone work.

From a chat with RedPocket about my new number


Has anyone made a real call to a real number without having to tslk to red pocket

Did some testing this morning. Calls work (yes completed calls), SMS works (both directions), MMS works (both directions), LTE data works, there is no roaming (as one would expect with Red Pocket).

I feel the status of the phone is in kind of gray status. I check the phone status with tello, it shows inactive. So I transferred my phone to tello and it works. If it was already with Red Pocket, I wouldn't be able to do that.
I didn't put in any request to port number though as it is not my primary number anyway.

My phone's still not activated, left it off overnight to no avail, still getting the redpocket automated message. They REALLY need to tell us what's going on.

DMARKSON: Did you add any money to your account since you can make calls? And if not, can you see if you have a balance with Red Pocket?