Black Friday Deals (2017)

Apparently, Nth Forum users possess an impressive amount of bargain-hunting wisdom. So, here's a thread for sharing the best Black Friday deals with the rest of us.

Also, it doesn't technically have to be a "Black Friday" deal, since this concept seems to be ever-expanding. Please post any particularly sweet deal here, anything that's available on or around Black Friday.

Note: Referral and/or affiliate links are not allowed. This is about sharing info, not personal gain.

Okay, I'll start...

I'm in the market for a sound bar and this is a pretty sweet deal. Personally, I'm not getting this one only because I have a specific Vizio model in mind, one that fits my needs a bit better. But if I were looking for a decent basic sound bar, this one is at an all-time low ($80 at Amazon, regularly $95):

Suggestion: Only post "not so obvious" amazing deals Cough Cough Not Thursday DoorBuster items such as $100 50" televisions Cough Cough

Let me know if any of these are actually good deals, I could be wrong on all of them. :lol:

This $80 monitor might be a good deal for those who like built in speakers. It's also on sale ebay for $90.
AOC i2367F 23 inch 1080p LED-LCD Monitor w/ Built-in Speakers, AH-IPS Panel
$159.99 Normal price.
With Promo Code: EMCBBBE59
AOC i2367F 23" IPS Frameless LED-Lit Monitor -

The last 3 years I've gone to Walmart on black friday. Mostly electronics such as tv, tablet etc. Usually in ad it will say after 6pm so u just stand in a line for each item u want. The line moves fast.

No doubt Walmart has some great deals on that day, but, personally, I'd rather stay home and watch a "Wildebeest" migration on the National Geographic channel that day. Sounds like your Walmart is more orderly than mine.:slight_smile:

In and out in an hour for a nice 55 inch tv. But if your in a small town with one Walmart around it may be hectic for real

Best Buy has the Amazon Kindle Fire 7", 8gb, for $30. Hard to beat this for a disposable tablet. We got one a while back for reading the digital edition of our local newspaper. You can sideload Google Play.

BB also has the Amazon Fire TV Stick for $25.
I'm hoping both will also be available directly from Amazon or BB online, since BB is on my 'no fly zone' for BF.

For an alternative to the Fire TV Stick, Walmart has the Roku Express HD for $22. (WM also on my no fly zone.)

C7 Device Recycle is having a Cyber Monday sale with 15% off.

Use Coupon Code 'Cyber' for 15% off all orders over $30.00

Coupon is valid 11/24 - 11/27

New Inventory Arrivals:

Not bad. Sold at Newegg. Promo code=EMCBBBH29

For those who'd like to cut free of their cable provider, get Amazon Fire Stick on sale at Best Buy and Target for $25 this BF. Install Kodi and install "Kodi No Limits Builds" and you can ditch your cable provider for good. Excellent youtube video on how here: - YouTube

The Raspberry pi zero w is $12 at Vilros. And you can do so much more with it.

Darn both of you! I've been wanting to try Kodi, and the Fire Stick, & Raspberry Pi..... but I don't need another project waiting for me to get around to it...... :frowning: :slight_smile:
Now if someone would just post a great deal for an Android TV box, my workbench will be fully cluttered.......

Nothing wrong with clutter. Here's some inexpensive TV boxes---whether they are worth the price, I 've no idea.

We were just gifted a "mini tv - A9 Dual core processor"
: What the heck is this and what does it do?
Can we use Kodi no limits builds with this?
Can we use this to watch football (USA) games we can't get with our over the air antenna?

It can do many things. It's basically the same UI as an Android phone, but you connect this device to your TV and use it as a streaming device for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and what have you. You should be able to install a Kodi app and run Kodi with it. Generally, these devices cannot be used to get cable channels and, thus, no USA football that normally is aired on cable. You can get some sports that are broadcast over the internet. Basically this device can act the same as a Roku or streaming device, but can do other things that a Roku, or the like, cannot do. The remotes that are supplied with these boxes are usually pretty much worthless, so it is best to use a small keyboard and mousepad device with it.

I looked at a couple of these, and these descriptions in particular caught my eye from one that's under $8.
● It supports the 3D movie which makes you appreciate your entertainment time and splendid visual feast freely.
● Only clicking the remote control, you can control your spare time. '

I don't see how I can pass that one up! Surely a little temporary clutter is justifiable for the chance to control my spare time by a little clicking.

Isamorph ,
Thank You Very Much!
If i understand (wobbly), once i connect this to a tv (HDMI) i have an android device.
which can do anything a smartphone can? but with a larger screen for my bad eyes?