Beta testing the new app

Here is the info about beta testing the new app - includes some changes to credits and other goodies. Post your issues and questions here. I don't know if Tom wants comments by email individually or if posting them here is preferred.

Now you will see some new features and functions on the new version.

Particularly in terms of credits we are now calling it silver. Because of all the "heavy hitters" out there you will be happy to know we also show your balance in gold (1000 silver = 1 gold)

We have increased the number of silver earning opportunities by a significant margin. Pro tip: you can now swipe left and right for different results. I am sure you guys will crush it with this new version.

We have added a store function through which you can Top-Up your credits and will be able to purchase additional products and service with all your new gold and silver. Let us know which products you would like to see here? Streaming music, MP3 downloads, games and apps?


Where did you get this info from? Has the beta app already been released and where to download? Thanks.

2 weeks ago Tom the CEO asked for volunteers to beta test the new app. This was in the old cellnuvo thread here on nth that was closed recently. You needed to send an email to to join. Today I received an email with instructions on how to get whitelisted onto the beta program and how to download the app (I am not whitelisted yet) and then the info above. The email also stated that beta testers will receive double silver credits during the beta test period.

He might still let you join if you email today as the program hasn't quite started yet. Email him at with your google email address (this is to give you access to the beta app via the play store) and ask if you can join the beta testing for the new app.

If anyone has the app already please do share what you think!!

I sent tom a request and asked him if he could offer this hungry hog a job.

Got the go ahead email but can't download.

I have the app now. Just testing it out.

First impressions:

They have revamped the starting page with the additional information about gold and silver credits. You can now swipe left (super silver) and right (quick silver).

A right swipe is basically what we were doing before. Either ads come or the offer list. The offer list has changed and is now mainly offers rather than app downloads. Looks like you get many more credits for doing them. You are required to enter in email addresses and other details for most.

There are now more ads - gillette, hampton inn, smart ones, persil etc that look like a different ad partner as they don't have the old 'unlock now" buttons and border - these ads just load and then you hit an X to close and then they credit. You still get the old tapjoy ones with metropcs, baby boss etc. Ads seem to be coming through pretty fast right now.

I have not been able to get anything from the super silver - seems like these will be surveys as right now I get a message saying sorry they don't have any surveys available right now.

There are more options in the settings including a store to buy things but nothing in there yet. You can also disable sounds and vibrate but that doesn't work for me.

I have some more pictures but they won't upload to this forum.

So far I greatly prefer the OLD app. Here's why:

  1. The old app let you swipe UP, which is a more natural thumb motion when you're holding the phone.
  2. When you hit a dry spell, with the old app, you could multi-swipe to greatly increase the chances of serving up an ad. Triple-swipes have seemed to be the sweet spot, on the old app.
  3. The new app has just as many dry spells but, since you can't multi-swipe, and the swipes have to be left or right, it takes quite a bit more work to get an ad.
  4. I don't know who the surveys are looking for but I keep getting disqualified from them.
  5. TapJoy ads are still there and I think we've all established that they don't ever pay up the credits. I still haven't gotten the business cards credit and I've submitted forms and documentation, as they've required. They seem to be hoping that you'll just give up.
  6. Some of the video ads now seem to just be 5 point ads instead of 15 points. Since beta testers get double-credit I'm seeing 10 points, for those, but the normal number of points for a number of these seems to be just 5. If you're having to use mobile data I can't imagine that 5 point ads will even let you "break even".

In the last half hour I've earned 85 credits from one survey that I was not disqualified from-- but it took about 15 minutes to do. I've also gotten a few of the old ads, for 15 points (that were doubled), two new ads (for detergent and the Hampton Inn), and some 5 point ads.

With the old app I could have gotten this many points with about a 1/3rd the effort and time.

Interesting. The app is flying for me with lots of ads. No surveys at all though!

But yes this is the point of the beta app - you can voice your issues. I certainly will be bringing up the 5 credit ads - it is nice to have a larger selection but they need to be 10-15 credits each.

You can swipe up still as long as you swipe slightly to the right

Tomorrow I will go to the library to try it out. I hope that credit earning is faster than data consuming.

One thing that people will like is that you can disable the haptic feedback.

Personally, I like it, but I know that some don't.

I'm seeing virtually no ads, though. Lots of swiping, no earning.

A useful feature in the 'offer list' is that now you can see the status of your offers. Hit the ? at the top right of the offer list and it shows you the name of the offers you have started, the status, the required action to gain the credits in the first place eg sign up with a valid email, the payout, when it was started and the expected wait time for points to be credited. You can also report missing credits.

Not that I will use this but some people seem to do the offers. Like your business card one Chelle.

It looks like they are using a new company - Fyber rather than Tapjoy. Maybe they are better at credit tracking.

I requested the haptic feedback option and it still doesn't turn off for me!

Yes ads have slowed down for me too. It usually happens around this time and picks up again at midnight eastern. I too miss the 3 swipe trick but at least the offer list starts loading faster and you can quickly press the back when you see the 'loading' notification.

The Persil laundry detergent is a full 30 seconds and it's a 5 point ad.

That'll buy 1/2 of 1 MB. Completely unacceptable.

The Hampton Inn is 5 credits, too.

Silk is a 15 point ad in the old app and 5 in the new one.

Flonase is 5 credits.

More work for less credits.

Someone must be reading this because Silk is back 15 credits and the 30 second detergent commercial was just raised to 10 credits. (Still not enough.)

The hampton inn one lasts 6 seconds and two presses. Not too bad for 5 credits.

The surveys are just a joke as Chelle has said - real time wasters & tend to get part way in then blow you off - no thanks.
Otherwise, on my phone the display is messy & the doubled credits did not appear, so I'll poke at it every day & see if'n it improves.
Still, all considered - even if paying for credits there it is a better deal than Ting could ever be !!

Ting's six bucks each month per line for maintenance is absurd.

For all its many faults, the old app is better than the new one.

Life is too short to watch 5 credit videos.

I switched back, this morning.