Best kitchen cookware for <$100?

Do you think it's better to get an Instant Pot (pressure cooker) or an Air Fryer? Both are between $50-100. Thoughts?

Without additional information (e.g , for whom, to cook what, etc.) I'd lean to the Pressure Cooker.

I don't have either, but it appears to be a hot, debatable topic.

Definitely an Instant Pot.

I use an old fashioned stovetop pressure cooker (I have four) but it uses the same principles.

I cook three meals per day, from scratch, and use a pressure cooker for nearly every one.

It's the most efficient way to cook, it's fast, and you can potentially keep more vitamins and other nutrients in the food.

You can make practically anything in a pressure cooker. I even make homemade cheesecake in my big one.

Baked Alaska?

I don't have a pressure cooker big enough to hold Alaska. :wink:

Speaking of...

Chelle writes: "You can make practically anything in a pressure cooker. I even make homemade cheesecake in my big one."

I know very little about cooking, but this is way down my list of things one might be able to do with a pressure cooker. I'd like to see that. Better yet, I'd like a slice, please.

My wife, who knows a lot about cooking, likes her Instant-Pot very much. I like eating things she cooks in the Instant-Pot

Well, if you're in the market for an Instant Pot and have not used Google Express yet, here's your chance.

I am impressed by how fast it cooks brown rice! Plus, it tastes better too.

Also, cooking with heat and pressure's gotta make food safer too.

It appears instant pots were the go to device choice on this thread, but this Air Fryer at $44 may be of interest to someone, assuming the full 20% discount applies.

2.75 qt is quite small, I guess great for single folks...

$40 for a 6 qt electric pressure cooker!

Looks like $99, to me...

$99 when I look at it, too. The Buy It Now price on the listing has changed 3 times this month, on Nov 3, 9, & 10. Looks like maybe PEW spotted a temporary price reduction. It's a long-term listing, with 20 price changes since originally listed last March. If it meets someone's desires, might be worth checking that listing daily to see if the price drop repeats.

Here's the same item I believe for $50.

And here's one from Soddy Daisy(what a name), TN for $34.95 and a whopping $27.80 for shipping. Does this marketing lure really work?

Hm... Best Buy baiting via deal sites... Shows $99.99 for me now too.

Now Best Buy has a basic air fryer for $30.

Well, not under $100 but much better for space constrained. Ninja Foodie

Now, the 6 qt pressure cooker for $30! Getting 1. :slight_smile: