Back to 99% 1 silver ads

You know things are slow when people are actually happy to get the 30 second, 1 silver, Hulu ads-- just to get through their first 20.

There's an even more annoying one where it counts down and then has some moving video clip (meaning it is not done yet), then you have to wait for that to stop... overall, could be 60 seconds or longer... for 1 silver. Of course, I have no idea what that ad is, I just glance back after a while to see if the counter is done and image stops moving...

Nothing has changed for me. Getting the same amount of ads as I did for the past 2 weeks or so. Not sure what's up with the low pot though.

The low pot is because so many of us are having trouble getting any ads, and only low value ads when they appear. (And the pot is accumulated as a percentage of swiped value.)
What part of the country are you in? Maybe we could all come visit.

And just like that, ads are flowing again for me. No 15-silver, but at least it's easy to get my entries, and both phones got a survey.

2 point ads max. Empty swipes. No pollfish surveys that can complete. Baaaaadddd

Even worse is that the match all is broke too. I see the matches happen, and no win despite seeing everyone match one by one. Email CN and they claim it is a display issue and refuse to honor the win.

It really is a display issue. You probably started the game with a couple of numbers already in gold but they really aren't. If you keep on playing and match those numbers that were pre-lit again then you will win as the system will then recognize that you really have matched them all. Happened to me a couple of times. But yes really annoying to see them all light up and not win!

Me too many times before

Ok, I watch more closely when it gets close to winning, it could have started it with some numbers lit. Thanks for sharing your observations.

And just like that, the ad flow becomes flaky again. I can get 6-8 ads pretty easily when I fire up the app, and then lots of empty swiping. (Good time for me to go print some FreeUp coupons.)


1000 silvers off your account for want of loyalty. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Close app, clear data (not just cache), change Android ID (more than once, for good measure), reopen app, insert creds, VOILÁ.

If you clear data you will sign out of the app and have to go through resigning in. Which is fine but do note some have had issues. Best if you time it right as you won't get match games until the 7pm eastern reset. So doing it just before 7pm is the best time.

Still unfortunately this won't solve an ad drought in your area. Many areas are seeing a drought. It only helps if your phone is acting up.

Also, not seeing folks posting for split the pot win. Did that end also?

I see it ever night. Winning # 106

Pot 3351

Actual winner, not just a posting saying that's the winning number.

Not sure what's going on

I had a win on 1/2/19 (2934 Silver), but I posted it on Twitter.

It doesn't matter when you do it. You'll still get match games after signing back into the app.