Back to 99% 1 silver ads

Looks like the ad streak is over. Also evident by the much lower Split the Pot wins.

And the first 20 ads give many 1 silver awards... I mean, shouldn't they be at least 2 silvers? Unless some ads award only 1/2 silver(s)?

Yep, looks that way! Hopeful that the New Year brings with it higher paying ads and the long awaited IOS app!

Some ads are 0 silver.

Yep, seeing more 1 silver ads and less of the higher paying ones. Hope it is just an end of the year / month thing just like in past times.

It's worse for me - 99% empty swipes! Last few days, I've been finding it hard to get through my first-20 swipes of the day! Right now I still have 14 swipes remaining on today's split-pot.

When that happens to me I play around with VPN locations until I find enough ads to finish my 20.

Changing locations used to work for me, but these past few days every location gives me more empty swipes. I've tried rebooting, closing the app, swiping left, every location on wind scribe, hopping on one leg while swiping (just kidding, not the last one) but nothing seems to work.
Oh well. I got the Amazon gift card without any trouble so I'm still a happy CN camper.

Did you try reset Google I'd? Great chance in helping

Also, anyone still seeing surveys during the first 20 either yesterday or today? Wonder if surveys now no longer appear on the first 20. I saw some surveys an hour ago and skipped them. When I logged back half an hour ago to start the new day, the surveys no longer appear.

I got a survey in the first 20, tonight, but it was in Swedish and I had to guess at the answers.

I got 75 (x2) though!

you could have tried Google Translate. ;p

I wish I could make it work with the app!

How do I reset my google id? TIA.

That depends on if you have a Samsung or not

So I am guessing. You do not.
With cellnuvo app closed

  1. settings
  2. click on Google
  3. click on ads
  4. click on reset advertising I'd
  5. click ok or yes.
  6. start cellnuvo. Fill in questions about age, job ect

New ads will start

But with one caveat. During drought times on cellnuvo as it affects everyone and not just you and reset Google ID won't do anything except make you fill out the age work etc.

Basically we all have to wait till they ads come back support says it's there ad supplier not them

You get more silver for your first 20 swipes from super silver than simple right swipe ads.

Hope they do something. Not worth swiping. trying to get 20 swipes is painful. No surveys completing either

I did have a survey complete. I have not been able to get through 20 swipes, though.

Lots of empty swipes, so I guess it's technically not 99% 1 silver ads... it's worse.

I reset my Google ID and got through the first 20 swipes pretty quickly,which included a couple of surveys. Things slowed down after the first 20 though.