Are you wiping your packages before you bring it into your home?

Are you wiping your packages before you bring it into your home?

Using some type of disinfectant wipe, Lysol, or fantastik

it is a lot of work to wipe every little thing but it seems the only way to be sure that you're not bringing a virus into your home.

Not here! Just carefully move them (no direct contact) over to the garage and let them sit for a few days since the bug is not supposed to live more than a day on cardboard. I let them sit 3 days for the sake of caution. This way, we get to save the disinfecting stuff for other more pressing matters.

I believe plastic is 3 days.

We do something similar but we still wipe it down.

Yep, that sounds right. It is rare we get something delivered on a plastic bag / container, so all good there. There is typically no need to worry about the contents inside being they took time to arrive while in transit. We do consider the actual time they shipped vs the arrival time to make adjustments if needed. All in all, since we do not struggle with patience, we just let those things sit out as needed. Of course, each person will have their own threshold of caution / where to draw the line.

Most cardboard containers such as cereal etc. Have a plastic coating on top of the cardboard. So is it cardboard or is it plastic or somewhere in the middle?

Yes I just leave the boxes for as long as I can. Wipe down things I'll use right away as best I can. Wash hands thoroughly after touching the outer packaging.

wear gloves when wiping packages. Then wipe down the gloves.

Soon we will have to buy uv light showers

I wrap everything in toilet paper before I bring it into the house, then I put it in the bath tub for a week. :wink:

As you might have guessed. The abuse wasting of toilet paper will now be a crime in the future and you could be put in jail for what you said you want to do.

As well as tping a house.

Toilet paper has been come a monetary instrument. Remember the article of people playing poker with toilet paper rolls instead of Chips?

Just as you cannot destroy United States monetary instruments. I feel toilet paper will be the same in the future.

Yes, always wash your hands regardless as a precaution! LOL at the toilet paper! Now, as far as gloves, certainly a good point and idea. We do have them but just do not use them for this sort of thing. We are confident that our current measures are appropriate. For those rare cases that we need something immediately upon arrival, said item(s) would be sanitized and extra precautions taken.

Gloves work by being sacrificial. Example: you have complete control over your car so there's really no need to disinfect it except occasionally. But you have no control over the ATM. So when you drive to the ATM you can either disinfect your hands before getting back in your car, or you can wear gloves to use the ATM then immediately discard them in a trashcan.

Disinfecting gloves, well, you'd be better off just using bare hands at the ATM and disinfecting your hands.

tl/dr the virus only enters thru mouth, nose, eyes. Not skin. Wow.

My new routine in the rest room. Go in and wash hand while also soaping up the handles of the faucet... then use the restroom. When finished, wash hand and handles with soap again. :wink:

Since no one but me and my wife have been in our house for months, I don't wash my hands or clean anything more than I did before the lockdown, save for a few delivered packages. For ATMs and gas pump touch pads, I use the eraser end of a pencil which I immediately disinfect along with my hands when the task is done. If one can avoid people and places where they have been, little cleaning is necessary.

I want everyone to stay safe.

Tip: at ATM. Use Lysol wipes with gloves on. The ATM works with the Lysol wipes. I do not know why. So you just sacrificing your one wipe and not your gloves. Ancillary benefit the ATM is disinfected for the next user.

If you take gloves off in car use purell.

Now the big question is can the virus live on money? Do you wipe each bill?

I wished I had a uv light.

Stay safe in this terrible new world we all live in now

Best to buy your UV-C lights at the local big box hardware stores.

Best not to rely on UV-C lights at all, unless you're willing to read and understand the specs, and trust the entity providing those specs.

UV-C lights for disinfecting are not the same as standard 'black light' ultraviolet lights, which produce different frequencies. Among other considerations, UV-C can easily, quickly, and permanently, damage eyes, so it's not likely to be available in a commercial product aimed at the general public. If the product is available without significant & clear warnings about the dangers of exposure and directions to avoid exposure, it's not likely to be a legitimate UV-C emitter.

It wasn't long ago that real UV-C was considered impossible to produce via LEDs. Based on what I've read recently, it is now possible, but also at a cost per LED that should let you know that an affordable personal-use UV-C LED source is extremely unlikely.

One recent article:

What is the purpose of the gloves then?

It's a bit more sanitary (due to less steps, less trash) to use the ATM barehanded, then afterward just use that Lysol wipe to disinfect your hand.

If you use the Lysol wipes to push buttons on atm. The wipe, gloves and atm all stay disinfected. No need to throw gloves away which is like gold these days.

If you want to use your naked hands to use atm, doors ect. That's on you. My family will do as I stated. I thought I'd share it. So you guys can save the more important gloves vrs a single wipe.

There's a lot that we don't know about this virus. What we do know is that it is very infectious. Overreacting is warranted.

After putting on your gloves, put face masks on those gloves, so your gloves don't get the virus. Also, after putting a face mask on your face, put gloves on them so your face masks don't get the virus. I'll see if I can get some pictures to share & demonstrate.

Went out today and saw many others not take the virus seriously.

People vaping in front of stores. Which aerosolized the virus if you have it. And make it travel much farther. Like a jet plane for a virus.

This is not a joke

There's no such thing as over-exaggeration when it comes to this.