Anyone else notice split pot larger

So now averaging over 6000. That is up from a low of 4500 range. Although lower from the high of 9500's. When the game first started.

Must mean a lot more users swiping daily.

Would that not mean shipping more each day?
Compared to low

Never win anymore. Always one number away . Hmmm

some of us not once

I used to win alot late night. If i do now its small pots. Still waiting to win the daily split the pot. That being said, i have no problem earnimg 10 gold for my redpocket plan plus more

for a person without reliable internet like me, it is very hard, if not impossible, to win any of these games, so I hate it. I want my effort to be rewarded rather than contribute to a game that I can't effectively participate in. I HATE THESE GAMES. I hope that cellnuvo has two set of apps, one of which would not take a swiper's credits for gaming.

Or game times. Or specials

Or it could mean that the contribution per ad viewed to SplitThePot has increased. (The original post refers to Split The Pot, not Match The Pot.)

For a while, I found it amusing to guess the number of active participants (swiping 20 times or more per day) by the winning numbers. Over a period of time (with nothing else changing), an average of the numeric value of the winning numbers could be used as a predictor of the # of participants within an acceptable margin of error. (The problem in using that method here is that data accumulation is slow, and the target is a moving one.)

I've also been trying to guess as to the current number of engaged users cellnuvo has based
on contest numbers from the split the pot contest.

I live in arizona and the game seems to start anew for me at 5pm MST. The contest numbers
are allocated numerically as one would guess. This evening I didn't exhaust my plays in one fell
swoop but instead waited about an hour between plays to see what the current contest number
would seemed the number increased anywhere from 300 to 400 in the hours after the game
resets. I've only beeen watching these numbers today in the 5 to 6 hours since the game has reset
but I'm guessing these numbers (300 to 400) have to trail off as well as most "hardcore" swipers
have already maxed out there plays and the numbers only increase from casual swipers after that.

From the split the winners thread the highest winning number was in the hight 4000's... most
were in the 2000's or lower. I'm gonna that the total number of plays usually lies somewhere in
3000's. Assuming players max out their plays that would put active engagement at anywhere
between 150 to 200 people? Can that be right? This doesn't even account for single users
who have the app installed on multiple devices which only brings the numbers for total users

My math could be completely off. I guess the best way to see total number of split the pot plays would
be just to forgo earning at all on cellnuvo for a couple of days and do a couple swipes right before the
game resets(in my case 5pm) to see what your play number was.

Yes its good the prize pot is getting larger again. The number of entries appears to be getting larger as well which is a good sign.

@Draucon, I don't think your math is off, and it's certainly more straight forward that what I was thinking of. but trying to to get a user count via either of our methods misses a significant factor-- users that are "actively engaged", but not 'dedicated to swiping every day'.

Although I usually get my 20 entries in each day, there are days when I'm busy with other things and don't swipe at all. (My small personal experience is leading me to suspect that swiping for an hour once a week might be more production than swiping for 8 minutes every day.) And there are users who are 'actively engaged' only to the extent of meeting their monthly target goal to pay a cell bill. I'm going to assume that a significant portion of users follow one of these patterns It's hard to guess a correction factor to account for this-- my WAG (wild-ass guess) would be somewhere between 25% and 50%.

Ha, That's because I'm using the new app now, contributing to the pot.

And it's so much better to be contributing to the pot instead of (as it seems a few folks are doing) stirring it up! :slight_smile:

Anyone else notice contest numbers didn't roll over today?

Yes maybe s that to stop guessing?

Starting number was 5000 or 5100?

I think the starting number was closer to 4200.. Also wasnt the pot supposed to be halved?? The pot total didn't roll over either.

Woo-hoo hope I win this one!

I copied your suggestion, and 4200 sounds good to me-- I got 4190 a few minutes before the contest rolled over. I hadn't noticed that the numbers didn't start back at 1, though.

We go along way if cellnuvo allow somebody to win 20 to $25.

Good advertisement