Any updates on swap or eCheck?

I requested an Amazon gift card for phone purchase before they announced the new rules, but my points were returned and they assured that I would be able to buy that phone. I was very frustrated. Then I did a 4-month swap 4 month ago, now I don't know what is going on and how to get the echeck I have been waiting for. Swap history is blank and points were not returned to my account.

I still see ads but no points are awarded, then I think I need to update my 2.69 version app but cellnuvo is no longer available in play store.

What is going on?

Wow, thanks for the update. I've stopped swiping and I guess this means it's going out of business for sure. I guess just be glad for whatever we were able to cash out so far...

The points were returned twice. You mentioned just once.

This is why you have not received your card.

Cellnuvo said in recent months that they were staying in business.

Based on what you just stated. It does not look good. Unless they were reported to Google for not paying and was removed???

Some got paid last month for swaps already matured and payments already requested.. So there is that.

With an ad vendor supposedly not paying up then I can only surmise that our payments are dependent on new swiping with the new vendor. So if everyone stops swiping what follows is inevitable. But until the fat lady sings as someone said there is still hope.

Only 3.71 works. I suspect once you update the app the points will reappear. Will have to get an apk and sideload. But no swaps in the app anyway. Coming soon tm.

Interesting, I had not realized that the app was taken down from Google.

I did know about Swipir.

Cellnuvo said in March that they had a new a provider with better payment terms. Cellnuvo said, as late as two weeks ago, that they haven't been paid by ad networks (new and old) since September 2018. Even if Cellnuvo was still on a 4 month pay schedule (unlikely), we're deep into August, far past the 4 months. Cellnuvo could open up swap/spends even if for small limits. They have money. It would take a lot to convince me we're all not being suckered.


Oh, what's the deal with Swiper in regards to Google Play?

It got yanked several weeks ago.

Was removed from the App store several months ago.

The question is why these apps we're yanked?

There are certain people that hate cellnuvo. For what reason. I do not know. They never used the app. They have reported cellnuvo in the past to Google play store. And I bet they did again.

So the question I have is why the app was taken down?

  1. it was reported again by the same people?

  2. they going out of business and pulled it themselves?

And before the weak wizeguy says why don't you email them.


"I only post/read on forum"

Are you still on 2.69? Were you on 2.69 when you did the swap? I thought the swap/spend choices were only available starting with 3.6+. I could be wrong. Did you complete the final "spend' step where you entered your choice of Amazon GC or eCheck and where you want it sent? If you completed the "spend" step and your points were already converted to a $ amount that shows on the app, contact Cellnuvo. They will send you your "spend" earnings (GC or echeck).

Has either the Swipir or the Cellnuvo app ever been removed from the Play Store before now?

Swipr has

Sorry I checked my app again and found it to be 3.69. I also noticed that my $ balance is 0.00 and I have a pending & swap balance in the amount I requested for cash 4 months ago.

I also saw the send option, but I wonder if this can be done before I see a $ balance above 0.00? Or it must be done before seeing positive $ balance?

Thank you

Upgrade to 3.71 or it won't show anything correctly. Sideload the apk.

With a $ balance at 0, your pretty much SOL like so many others holding points and no way to redeem them.

I agree this is necessary. I wish I could say it would also cure all ills.

Before upgrading, I'd try to complete the pending swap (spend). Take screenshots of each step along the way. Couldn't hurt to try, especially if your pendings haven't been refunded to your points balance yet.

It won't work, it has been tried in the past. It will be ignored on cellnuvo side. As you said it won't hurt to try, but don't expect it to work.

Honestly, I do not think that Nuvo will be able to pull from this one. If the app is not in the store, people are not swiping as they were (I don’t even swipe at 1% of the old time), and if people are not referring, to me they are as good as bankrupt.

I think they may be using the remaining funds to keep their people in payroll for as long as possible until the inevitable closing / bankruptcy. I have this mindset as to avoid further disappointment.

Perhaps, I will then be pleasantly surprised like I did with that CellNuvo check from those matured funds.

Yes I think you are right tech-stitch. I am hoping they are able to pay those pending payments at least over the next few months. But chances are low.

Last payments were a month ago today.