Any successful instant swap so far?

Please share your experience... thank you.

I want to instantly swap my last order for a phone. I guess it will even out because with real cash I can order it somewhere cheaper.

Good question, H-H. I'd like to know how long it takes to get cash (in hand) after the payment request.

Ive done a swap to test and it was instantly put into my $ balance. But I haven't ordered an amazon code or check yet. No idea how long that takes.

By "swap" you mean a gold to points conversion?

When you upgrade to the new app gold is already converted to points. Gold is no more in the new app.

So I have swapped my points balance to $ balance. The new app shows a $ balance and a points balance. Once you have a $ balance you can order a amazon gift code or check. Seems a bit convoluted but there you go.

This is the part that's soooo bogus for those who have already requested Amazon gift cards. Maybe Tom can pop in and give us a time frame for payments once request has been made.

I tried an amazon code redemption but I got an insufficient credit error. I tried it again and got transaction pending - transaction cancelled error. So doesn't seem to be working. And yes I had sufficient credit and had refreshed to make sure it was all in order.

If it takes 4 months to process the Amazon code ...

Is the $5 minimum for redemption still in effect?

I was so confused. So it's a two steps process. First convert points to $, then spend the $. Sigh! Was this explained in their FQA or did I missed it? Thanks mmfacemm for clearing this up.

Anybody received actual payment for instant swap so far?

phone_nerd received their amazon payment

Thank you thank you and thank you!

Two weeks ago at 2000=1, the instant redemption limit was $87. Instant redemption now shows 2000=1, with a limit of 31. If you choose the instant option once, can you do a second $31 redemption? I thought there were no more limits.

More and more caps and new restrictions. CN must have teamed up with F-Up.

:lol: Good one. :lol: If you can't do more than the one instant redemption, that sucks royally. Worse than $100 limit. Far worse. It does seems like a gamble when deciding when to do the instant option. Looking at the split the pot current total, either participation has slowed significantly or CN is getting the lion's share of the ad proceeds. Who knows, but $31 at 2000=1 is not good.

From my experience, the swap limits are just dollars available to be taken in any give category, at any given time. As an example, if the limit is 100, and you take one dollar, the limit will drop to 99. I witnessed limits being periodically replenished. I don't think there is any limits on how many times you can do the swaps, as long as you have points and see dollars available.

I'm talking about redeeming up to the limit that's shown. Similar to this screenshot, instant shows a $$$ limit with 2000=$1 (right now mine says $31). So if I cash in 174000 points reaching the $31 instant limit in one transaction, I can do it again immediately after for another 174000?

For instant swaps, 174000 points equals $87. Is that how much you want to swap?

At the time you see $31 limit, you can take it all by swapping 62000 of your points. After that, the limit will drop to $0, and you will have to wait until it is replenished by CellNUVO. I don't know how often they do it, or how much is available per day, but I've seen it being replenished twice during one day when I was doing my swaps, with $100 each time. I've done three swaps during one day to total $200.

Another way of explaining this is to look at the limit as a pile of money available. Once you take it, it's gone until they put some more there - I hope this helps.

Sorry, my math (using the 174000 amt) was incorrect. You answered my question though. Thanks. On the screenshot, the limit was $87 at that time. The limit I see on my app for instant redemption has a $31 limit. So you are correct.

Seeing as the instant redemption option became available all on the same day and you were able to max out the limit each time, do you know if payment will be issued to you as 3 separate transactions?