Any chance that this company would get their s*** together?

I had 1070 gold and my 4 year old phone number. This CellNUVO have taken both from me since August 18.
I have a few emails from CellNUVO support. The last email they told me that they will get my account and phone number work again soon. That was 2 weeks ago. Now I'm on a temporary 3 months plan with MintSIM because I need a working phone for work.

I'm at the point of wanting to sue this ass company IF I could. Do you know how hard it was to get 1070 gold?

Sucks to be let down like that. Not having your number must be a pain.

A couple of others here keep on saying they do their swiping in "idle time".

I had my doubts that it was that simple. What kind of time have you put in for that much gold?

Getting pinched for all of one's earned credit, really money, is hell. CN must have been paid for the swiped and looked at ads, and maybe still is being paid. But it is more than frustrating, if all credits(and possibly phone #s) end up being lost, that there is little one can do about it. The cost of suing someone would not be worth the successful outcome, particularly if money could not be collected. Someone from CN or RP needs to step forward right now and make it clear that CN users will not lose their credits, or their numbers. Sigh.

I checked my account on Red Pocket. It says CellNuvo $5 paygo. $5 paygo is only for 15 days, I gather. I don't even know when the 15 days will end for me. What do I do?? Is it safer to port out now?

Ignore it. It won't tell you anything about your cellnuvo account. You don't have some 15 day limitation with cellnuvo. They will just renew it all.

For those without their number... if you check Red Pocket Mobile and it comes up with a list of refill options then you have your number already. Just need to ##72786# to get it to program into your phone. (If you desperately need service on your cellnuvo phone then try at your own risk!! Don't blame me) But if your number is not coming up at that site then you are still on a temp number.

Leaving now is like quitting a race with the finish line in sight. Just have a little more patience as you have done the hard part. They wouldn't do all this work to switch to redpocket to suddenly quit on us.

Famous words from Tom - "Your gold is safe, it is yours."

Congratulations on being in the top 3 and our third millionaire. Knocked me down to fourth place. Anyone else hiding in the shadows?!

If you know your MSL# you can manually activate. I did this with my note 2. I had to also do it with a phone to get Ting working couple of years ago.

The problem is that we heard promises a couple times, and nothing happened...
The longer wait, the more doubt it is not heading into the right direction...

I don't know about that. If anything they have lived up to the important promises. You can say they are very slow and very uncommunicative. They are not promising enough but being far too silent. But they have been getting things together slowly and quietly. The silence is the main problem.

Many of us have our phone lines on the redpocket system with our original number. We have a mostly working app after they fixed the activation. We can accumulate gold. They need to get the last people up to this stage. Then what is left is to tie the gold to the redpocket system so we can buy service. We need to know what we can buy and how much service will cost. Not much else left to do to get us back to normal after that.

Then the sweet but optional extras will come - buying stuff with gold, iphone app, ability to use other networks. Seems like we are nearly there to me even if it is painfully slow.

Not true. We almost all have our phones # back, accounts restored in app. Only last piece left - connection RP service with our gold.
Patience folks, service will be soon. ( I do not have any inside info, just gut feeling).

Your optimism is to be commended. However, disregarding their lack of communication as a minor point is a little too optimistic.

Unless you have some inside information, it is not known if they are "getting things together". Most folks on this forum can't even port from the company.

For the customers that have managed to get their number back or retain service, that many only apply to the couple of dozen folks who check out this forum. If you know nothing about this forum, there is literally no other place to gain even a hint of info. Those folks are just in the dark completely with no way of knowing when "normal" is.

Whatever "work" they are doing with Red Pocket should at least be to the point that an update is deserved, especially since they are "swamped" with handling email support.

This is a thousand times worse than RP+, as once Ting came into the picture, their were point of contacts providing info and updates and "the way ahead". And it didn't take this long.

I don't think I under-emphasized the lack of communication. I pointed it out as the main problem and why there are so many of these panic threads.

I do wonder what the rest of the cellnuvo customers are thinking. There is the reddit but not many people frequent that. I suspect they are just sending support many emails. An update for all of us is long overdue.

The fact that the only thing missing for me is the ability to use my own silver for service is all I need to know things are getting done. Plenty of others in the same boat. If you are not in that boat then try to keep patient - you'll get here eventually.

At least most of my friends with cellnuvo don't have original numbers restored, including myself, even though i emailed them asking for that. My email was simply ignored.

Maybe I am over estimating those who have their numbers back.

I suspect many have them but don't know it. I wouldn't have known if I didn't try. Check the number in the redpocket refill page and if it is recognized then all it would take is a ##72786#. But with no word from cellnuvo you may not know that or want to take the risk.

Your Gut is not correct. "We almost all have our phones # back, accounts restored in app." is very far from the truth and you admit you have nothing to base that on except your gut. Many, many phones are not activated or connected to the service that people have paid for by earning "Silver and Gold", way in excess of their usage.

It is easy for one to say not to panic when you have multiple phone & numbers with multiple companies and services.

Everyone's situation doesn't allow the "sit back and wait" approach.

Aren't you still on Tello too. The only other time you commented on here was to argue with me about Tello.

But yes sucks if cellnuvo is your main and only line.

I still don't have my original # back after emailing support weekly for about 3 weeks now. Received no replies at all.

I am on the same boat. No response to my email requests. The original number is not available in Red Pocket system either.

I still have not gotten my original number back and I am out of data with no response to email requests.

Luckily, CN is not my primary line and I don't think that it is suitable to be used as a primary line by anyone, although the initial website made it look like a real cell phone provider to many who signed up.