Another MVNO exits the market (partially)

Boom! Mobile has ceased offering their service on Yellow, AKA Sprint. All Boom! Yellow customers will be transitioned to Ting CDMA and will receive a special offer ($20 unlimited talk/text/data) via email to either continue their service or port away to another carrier. This offer is ONLY available to Boom! Yellow customers.

Boom! Blue and Boom! Red customers are unaffected at this time. However, if any existing Boom! Red customers want to switch to Ting CDMA, I can see if we can take advantage of this or a similar offer. Just DM me.

Vulture clean up crew is here.

Thanks for the info. You guys (Ting) should create a promo offer for people approaching the end of their Sprint 1 year free. Some may not want to stick around when the price increases.

Wow-- I thought Boom was considered relatively stable.
I was not aware that they offered Sprint network, though-- was this relatively recent?

From reading your post, Literally_Unlimited, it looks like Ting is offering a special plan for those needing a new home? I think this may be a first for Ting. (And well outside the normal Ting price structure.)

Let's be real, though. People on the Sprint 1-year-free generally wouldn't like our pricing structure. And you're right -- they generally wouldn't be expected to stick around.

The earliest references I can find to Boom! Yellow are from mid-2017, so I'm not sure exactly how long it's been around.

And yes, the special plan for those needing a new home is unusual, but not a first for us. It's <1000 customers affected by this that we expect to stick around, but the special pricing is something new we're trying, akin to our unlimited pilot plans or the $25/30GB. You've got to try new things or you'll be forced out of the market.

I wouldn't characterize them as vultures. They provide a soft landing for those who are affected by the death of an MVNO.

I look at them as the folks who clean up the crime scene after everyone else leaves. If they don't do it, who will?

If it was a lucrative thing to do then competing companies would be offering similar options.

Vultures are very misunderstood birds and are vital to the ecology.

I can assure you it's nowhere approaching lucrative to pick up the pieces after an MVNO very suddenly exits the market. It's a LOT of work, and many don't end up sticking around after the credit we inevitably provide runs dry. (Because some cannot help but mention RingPlus in every thread in Ting's orbit)

I think the reason we end up doing it all the time is there isn't another established brand with the customer support system and back-end software knowhow to do it without much (or any) service interruption to the end customers. Are any other companies filling this void?

Please recall that the alternative is the MVNO very suddenly telling all its customers that they need to port out ASAP with most/many just losing their numbers.

$20 unlimited talk/text/data sounds interesting. High speed data?

Not currently a Boom Red customer, but I can become one.

As best I can tell, yes. But this guarantee is literally only for existing Boom! Yellow or unhappy Boom! Red customers. Sadly, but probably not surprisingly, there isn't a way to start up a Boom! Red account or number now, after the expiration of Boom! Yellow plans, to get in on the special Boom! Yellow deal.

I suppose your best hope is to bet on your existing Sprint MVNO exiting the market and letting us swoop up their customer base.

LiterallyUnlimited writes: "I suppose your best hope is to bet on your existing Sprint MVNO exiting the market and letting us swoop up their customer base. "

If that's your/my 'best hope', I don't want to ask what my worst fear should be.... :ohmy:
I've been through a couple of failing MVNO's, and it's not fun. Still, if it happens to me again, I'll be crossing my fingers.

Is Boom Red going to go away as well? I could not get through to Boom CS (chat or phone) even though their hours are 8am - 8pm CST. I am concerned since I have always been able to reach CS in the past.

In the early days (early 2016) they had all 4 of the big networks. I don't know when they stopped T-Mobile or AT&T. It looks like they may be bringing back AT&T. I have only used Verizon with them and will be sad if they go away, their CS has always been top notch.

Jeff from boom on howardforums says they will offer verizon and att going forward.

They were always primarily verizon so I suspect they are just sticking to their core market and getting rid of unprofitable or unpopular business (sprint!). Then trying something new with att.

That is a really nice deal for boom cdma customers.

Thanks, I did see that quote but when I could not reach CS during normal business hours I started to get worried.

No. Boom! Red and Boom! Blue are unaffected, as best I can tell. I can't speak to their CS, but we've heard nothing different on their other services, other than they're attempting to launch a consumer Boom! Blue product soon.

I'm really excited to help out Boom! Yellow customers get up and running on Ting, hopefully having no service interruptions in the process.

Hey Guys,

We are sorry to hear about Boom! Yellow being discontinued.

However, if there are any of you out there who have not decided where to go next, Tello Mobile is running a promo for new customers in celebration of its 3rd anniversary.

You can get any of our phone plans for just $3 for the first month of service. For example, you can get 2GB data plus unlimited talk & text, which would regularly be priced at $19/month, for just $3 if you join before May 16th.

No coupon code is needed to get this offer, as long as you open a new account with us.

You can get more info about this deal on our website,

Tello Mobile runs on the Sprint network, so your coverage would be the same as before.

Give it a try and tell us what you think :wink:

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