4gCommunity Internet Shutting Down

Looks like the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is happening. I just got an email stating that 4gCommunity Internet will shut down by the end of November.

Their store had been closed, for awhile, as they waited for more info.

Now it's all going away.

Yeah I got the same email

This merger will not be good for consumers.

Dang and I thought i could renew at the 14/mo :frowning:

What would be the next alternative to this? There are times I truly need unlimited mobile data...

I'm not sure that a Sprint/T-Mobile merger is the reason, although that could be possible.
It's been noted before that 4GCommunity uses a different interpretation of the non-profit requirement for providing the service than other similar providers do. It's possible that Sprint has decided not to accept that as a qualifying use.

I agree that a merger is not going to be good for competition, and that we'll see lots of alternative choices disappear if the merger goes through. I imagine the FCC (and a cotillion of lawyers) would have to decide whether the accommodation allowed for non-profit use of Sprint data would transfer through the merger, or disappear for all other non-profit providers.

I've got a few phones on T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited (with generous LTE hotspot allotments) and a few Verizon 3g Hotspots, so I'll be okay, for awhile. Unfortunately, none of those are available for purchase anymore.

I'm going to beat the bushes and see what I can find.

The 4gCommunity Store recently changed its message to say that they were not making any more sales pending the outcome of the merger. That's a pretty strong indicator of cause and effect. I guess we'll know soon enough, though.

Thanks for the additional info relating the shutdown to a T-Mobile merger, Chelle.

It's probably a matter of semantics, but....
It still seems likely to me that this isn't a direct effect of a merger, even if a merger announcement seems imminent. Regulatory approval would still be needed, and that will take a while.

Indirectly, it seems very possible that Sprint is looking at ways to put themselves in the best position for a merger, and getting below-market-price data off the books may be one way to do that. It's also likely that Sprint sees the current regulatory environment as less likely to hold their feet to the fire in continuing to support the non-profit data.

I think the Sprint 1-year free (and similar Virgin offer) also were likely partially positioning for merger talks. I think it's possible we'll see other shakeouts, whether a merger announcement happens soon, or not. It seems possible to me that Sprint currently prefers to give away excess data capability directly via these limited time promos, rather than sell the excess capability at wholesale rates.

Look what happened when sprint merged with nextel. It was awful for nextel users. I was one. We were treated like second class.

I pray the T-Mobile merge wont happen. Since other line is on tmobile and we have a grandfathered plan

Probably not what you had in mind, but T Mobile's 55+plan(assuming one has a parent or relative over 55 who would help you sign up) offers 50GBx2 phones at $60 per month, and I believe they will pay for your basic monthly Netflix subscription at $10 0r $11 a month. Not sure about the tethering, but I believe it was 10GB on each phone.

"55yr old+ get 2 lines with unlimited talk, text and LTE data on America’s best unlimited network for $60/mo. with AutoPay.
Min. age 55. On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion, the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). Sales tax & regulatory fees included in mo. service price. Tethering at max 3G speeds." Oh, and only one person needs to be >55.

These links might be helpful to some, thankfully I was able to find these links in the RP forum (Prices are def higher, sadly)
https://www.calyxinstitute.org/member/membership-levels - ($42-$50/mo depending on package)
Ref: http://social.ringplus.net/discussion/8893/calyx-institute

The Calyx plan sounds good---definitely unlimited, and the hotspot would seem to be preferable to using a phone. I'd be interested in this, but I have tried the 4Gcommunity plan, and the Sprint speeds in my area are too poor. The Calyx price is reasonable, and you can you can take it with you, to boot.

I think ATT has an unlimited data plan for ipads/tablets for $30. But tethering not included. I believe the $20 att mobley connected car plan has gone. So not many options left out there.

ATT is my primary choice of mobile operator because of the signal strength here... would it be possible to have a tablet line activated at that 30 but then use it in my phone, or do you think they would catch onto that?

Was this service month to month or pay in advance? Or both?

They would catch on

I think the plan is still alive but the ZTE Mobley is out of stock, who knows if they will restock or not (I have seen them out of stock before and they brought them back). You could always buy one of the newer vehicles in the list of vehicles. lol

I've heard the plan is also no longer available for new sign ups. See howardforums.

(Hello again, yes it's been a long time, but I've been lurking)

Luckily I still have my receipt, so hopefully I'll receive at least partial credit on a charge back.

I'm kind of glad this happened because I NEVER got LTE speeds in my location (0.70-0.95 mbps, on a REALLY good day 1.1, down, up was better usually around 2) my 3g speeds were often times faster for downloads. So, this let's me drop Sprint for data.

Currently, I'm looking at MintSim. I have an old Tmo hotspot and their IEMI checker approved it (just no lte). So, hopefully that will work. $25/month is the lowest I've seen for 10gb data.

I know I have good tmo data speeds and even the MintSim reports seem to be about what I had with Sprint, so even if they slow data (I doubt it in my city for a number of reasons), I'll probably be okay on that,

But if others have ideas/suggestions, I'm open to hear them.

If I remember correctly, it was only pay in advance---but one could buy 3, 6, or 1 year plans, with the longer plans working out to lower per month costs. I do remember something about a one month trial or starter plan. I signed up for the 3 month plan with the free 7 day trial period, but cancelled and was given a full refund after seeing that this would not work for me. Someone just posted on this thread that they hope to get some of their already paid money back by doing a CC chargeback.