128 GB Essential Phone - $145 (+tx) from Sprint

For a limited time, Sprint is offering the ESSENTIAL PHONE for $145 plus tax.

Deal breakdown:

$25 down
$5/mo for 18 months (no monthly credit so immediate payoff is available) = $90
$30 activation fee waived with online purchase

So $25 down + accelerated lease payments ($5*18=$90) + $30 PPO (purchase pay off)
TOTAL = $145 out the door.

NOTE: 50 days on Sprint if you need it unlocked.

I looked at it earlier today and the lease terms seem good. But the sprint site says once the lease ends to own it you need to pay up the difference between what you have already paid and full price ($699.99). So a lot more than $145. Whilst the lease terms don't reflect that -trusting sprint will get it right is not something I would put money on.

That's incorrect on the site. The PPO is $30.

Where do you find the PPO? What is the PPO on moto E4?

You can do an online chat to find out the PPO?

[strike]I know but not the point. I don't trust sprint to get it right especially when their site is incorrect.[/strike]

Looks like some slickdealers have had success canceling and paying the $145 to own it outright so I take it back! Thanks for posting. Probably would have bought one but my ability to upgrade on my free line doesn't start until next month :frowning:

Bestbuy are running a similar black friday deal on the lg g6. A better phone in my opinion.

As Sprint is the exclusive carrier for the phone and sales numbers have not been through the roof, this could be Sprint attempting to purge excess inventory.

This is actually a really good phone and at an amazing price. It's very tempting. I'd get it, if I needed another Android device, which I don't!

I went ahead and bought one on Saturday. Paid it off - $155 with the added tax. Shipped today already. The design of this phone is amazing - if they had nailed the camera and not have had so many glitches early on this would have been a hit. I really like that this is 19:10 (ish) rather than 18:9.

For less than $200 it is fantastic. It is probably worth the $450 full price they are asking for it. Mine came locked to sprint though. I put in a tmobile sim before even booting it up but it came back as invalid. I will add it to my free line and can unlock it after 50 days at least unless it unlocks itself.

mmfacemm, were there specific steps for getting the Essential phone? It looked like one would have to open a new Sprint line. I've seen the suggestion to open a new standard-price line, pay off the phone, and cancel the Sprint line, but that seems more hassle than I want to go through.

Yes my free line wasn't eligible for an upgrade so I opened a new line. I paid off the phone and will port out the number to cancel the line shortly.

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. LG G6? M'Kay.

Still might get the g6. Either one will be a money maker if I choose not to keep it.

My essential phone unlocked today - about 24 hours after paying it off. I didn't do anything other than check in settings under iccid unlock and it said it was unlocked. It was saying it was locked the couple of times I checked before. Nice!

I'm actually impressed by sprint for once.

Anyone on the fence - this is an awesome phone. Don't think about it - just buy. The camera is better than expected with the google camera port too. Not top of the line but better than a mid ranger.

How much total did you pay?

The goal of the phone deal is to get you to stay with or join Sprint, not just to get a $700 phone for $145. Not very ethical to cancel the line after the fact.:whistle:

I believe the goal is to get you to join Sprint, not to stay with Sprint--- the offer isn't available for existing lines.

I am positive you're incorrect on both points. Check again.

Not ethical to cancel a NO CONTRACT LINE. Good one. What next, not ethical to get a free sprint line? Or not ethical to breathe?

I maintain a sprint line and account and you have no real idea what the goal of the phone deal is in sprint's mind. If the reason as you say was to ensure people stay with sprint they would have used 18 months of bill credits. Showing excellent customer service as they have done through the whole process is what makes people really stay.

Since you wanted to bring it up ... nothing will change the fact that you broke your iphone X and added applecare insurance after the fact. Now that is unethical.

mmfacemm, do you add the new line onto your yearfree account or create another account and line to purchase this phone. My yearfree account have 5 devices already, wonder if I able to add lines to it. Thanks