Zoom calls at 3G speed?

Is 3G data fast enough for zoom/Skype calls?


3G = ?
512kb+ or ?

Re Zoom IME, no, audio only, but that was not 3G, more like 128kb 2G I guess.

Zoom audio+video struggled on DSL ~3 mb connection with nothing else sucking up bandwidth IME. I am not a regular user so limited datapoints and it has been almost a year so maybe improvements have been made.

I'm not familiar with Zoom. For audio calls only, a basic VoIP connection should be fine at 3G speeds, possibly even 2G speeds. Note that this may not cover any headroom of the particular application used for VoIP.
Ooma recommends 384Kbps up and down. The FCC seems to specify 500Kbps as sufficient. I believe we've seen reports of Google Voice, and similar products, managing with throttled 128kbps.

For video calls, I've seen the 3Mbps figure that redrotors mentions. Although this is definitely within the speeds that could be delivered via 3G, it's likely faster than the throttled fallback data some providers call '3G' speed.

Zoom calls for our purposes includes video

So maybe no?

This page specifies video calls on Android/iOS as a minimum 600kbps, both up and down. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201179966
If you have a provider with throttled '3G' speeds, you should inquire about throttled speed. My guess is that this is beyond the expectation of anything except postpaid plans.