Zero point ads

Anyone seeing zero point ads? Those include the Charlotte Web, Honda, and Ibotta ones. After several of them, they then credit one point. Is almost as if they dropped the value of them to something like .33 and every 3 or four of those, then the 1 point payout takes place.

Yep! Zero, Zilch, Nada!
We're gonna take a break from swiping our Nuvo phones for a bit. Getting a Zero reward is just wrong.


I think Tom is trying to see how low he can make the payouts but still have people keep swiping.

If he thinks we're willing to swipe for 0 points in hopes of winning the occasional match pot or split pot then he's grossly misjudged his user base.

Agreed! If this is not a glitch, they are going to find out real fast that this is not got to fly once they start loosing a bunch of revenue due to lack of swiping interest.

I guess I'm just lucky but tonight between a lot of empty swipes most of the ads were 2 points and a few were 5 points. There were just so many empty swipes I quit after I got 20 finished.

Hold on people

The zero thing happened before and was fixed.

This is not a social experiment.

I guess I jinxed myself, I came back and started swiping again and nothing but the dreaded zero point ads.Stopped at three of them because it kind of defeats the purpose.

Has anyone reported this to support?

Last night, I saw a few 0 point ads, but could not notice the pattern mentioned in the first post. I saw lots of lottery ads, around 80% paid 1 silver, with the other 20% being 0-- same ad, as far as I could determine. I didn't swipe far past my 20 entries, though.
The only phone I swiped on past the 20 entries would not transition into the match game period. I could get ads, they would credit, but no match number entries. I didn't keep at it for long.

In addition to the 0 point ads, many of the others were crediting 1 point during the bonus period, which means that they had fractional silver values.

Tom used to interface with us and communicate in a meaningful way about issues and developments. Now, the only way we hear about things, is when someone passes on responses to support requests.

I can't help but think that they're all laughing at us, these days, for being a bunch of rubes.

Chelle writes: "In addition to the 0 point ads, many of the others were crediting 1 point during the bonus period, which means that they had fractional silver values."

Oh, my-- you're right. Most of the '1 silver' ads I mentioned above did credit only 1 silver during the bonus period. So perhaps I was seeing the fractional result without realizing it.

It's a bad time for CellNuvo to be reducing ad payouts again.

CellNuvo must have been testing out the new match-all-numbers setup (the one they rolled out in the update) with these 0 point ads.
Makes me mad, thinking how they must be laughing at us with this update!

Brilliant business idea! An update everyday so people will swipe for zero points!