Your Opinion of The Tape?

To me, Brad Raffensperger and others representing Georgia were embarrassed that a guy from their own party and whom they voted for continuously doubled-down on stupid. Even though all those wild consipiracy theories have been checked and debunked, Don the Con is still presenting them as they were fact. Not only does this demonstrate that he is a moron, it reinforces the fact that he is an unprepared moron. He also thinks that if he repeats something often enough, his gullible base will believe it regardless of the degree of ridiculousness.

The tape is (further) proof that Trump is a criminal.

He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This tape makes it easy.

America must defend our democracy. It is fundamental to our way of life.

Not prosecuting means we don't defend our democracy. And not defending our democracy only emboldens anti democratic forces inside and outside America.

And his thinking would be correct.

Yes, others too. Probably not limited to GA.