Youmail push notifications no longer show

Tech question:

On a Moto E4 factory unlocked phone. Push notifications stopped working for YouMail app only.

They used to work. They still work on a Moto E4 Verizon phone.

I tried reinstalling twice the app. I looked in settings and make sure notifications were on. Both in the app and on the phone at settings.

Obviously something happened or something glitchy.

Any suggestions and how to turn them back on will be greatly appreciated.

I don't think it's a YouMail app issue I think it's any app. What do you do if any app was lost push notifications what are the checks. Somehow either a setting or a glitch or something happend

Are both Motos running the same OS version, and has there been a recent update on the unlocked one?

Same OS

The unlocked had youmail notifications. Somehow stopped

I know little about push notifications nor do I know if they are the same as alerts, but maybe the YouMail link below might help.

Email alerts work but push stopped working

Youmail sent a log I gave to escalate it