You mail app

Does anyone know how to set up the You mail app that uses virtual voicemail with redpocket?

I found out rp works with this app using. Att, Verizon and Sprint service.

I was told something about a forwarding number?


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First, set up a free account for your RP line at:

You can also do this via the YouMail mobile app:

During this process, YouMail will provide detailed instructions to set up conditional call forwarding for your carrier.

Much appreciated!!

Is this the best virtual voicemail app for red pocket mobile?

I haven't used YouMail with RP, though as you mentioned, RP is listed as supported carrier: YouMail Carrier and Phone Compatibility

I use YouMail with my T-Mobile postpaid line and I am very happy with it. You can customize greetings by callers, push/SMS notifications, e-mail with voicemail audio attached, etc.

Really I know someone who has TMobile postpaid. They hate the TMobile voicemail app. Gives noitced that it is not connected

I wonder if YouMail is a better choice?

Easy setup? Easy to stop TMobile app from taking control?

In addition to what "st3fx" has provided, here are some links as well as a video review. Check out at about 1:28 into the video how the activate button works.

Yes, setup is easy. I prefer over native iPhone visual voicemail. Also, convenient to have voicemail as audio attachments in e-mail for archive, forwarding, etc.

T-Mobile prepaid is also supported by YouMail since December 2018. T-Mobile Prepaid Now Supports YouMail | The YouMail Blog

Rp mentioned to me something about finding out the forwarding number of YouMail. That they needed that phone number.

I been looking in YouMail app and can't find what number YouMail is using?

Any clue where that would be?


Try 857 957 1218 You Mail generic forward to number


Perhaps you can do it from your "You Mail" account rather than from RP's end.

"1. First, create your YouMail account.
2. Then, you should be instructed to set up your phone's call forwarding by dialing a set of codes (some carriers only require one code). You can view those instructions here." These instructions are in the links below.

Well I have to be rdy for the activation on my switch to a different rp carrier.

Is youmail app the best for Verizon or AT&T? Using rp of course. For voicemail or is their a better app for this purpose.

Tia. Much appreciated