Yahoo Mobile

No yippee for Yahoo Mobile here. I'm still waiting for the 50 cents I will likely receive from the class-action lawsuit stemming from hacked Yahoo
email accounts. At best, it might be an alternative to "Visible" should it falter.

Pretty much just rebranded visible without the partypay. Hopefully visible doesn't get discontinued.

Aah, this could be another reason for Visible's attractive E6 swaps maybe?

Visible was always a test for verizon so they were offering the service with various promos, freebies and discounts to tempt people to join in knowing (or not) that it may not be a perfect experience.

It would be a shame to discontinue visible as it has garnered quite the following and the promos are very nice. I can't see yahoo mobile taking off. The brand name isn't what it used to be with the security incidents and the dated image but I guess some trust the brand in certain demographics.

Id think they would have better luck with America On-Mobile, but thats just my opinion


"Yahoo Mobile service is provided by Visible Service LLC (“Visible”). Visible provides you the following information on Wireless Emergency Alerts. References to Visible in these FAQs also apply to your Yahoo Mobile service."

Yahoomobile's website looks and works so much like Visible's, it's uncanny. I almost expected a "swap program" to pop up after I entered an incompatible imei!



They are out of the Moto E6 too. lol