wtf happened?!

I went to purchase another month of RedPocket service through the CN app about a week ago and got an error.

I was running the version 3.0 app, so I figured I'd update. After updating the app crashed on launch, so I reinstalled. Same thing.

I contacted support and got a confirmation within a few hours that they're looking into it. Two days later I sent a follow-up after I hadn't heard anything. A few days later - today - and I STILL haven't heard back.

So I installed the 3.1x version of the app, because at least it doesn't crash on launch. When I go to the store, the only options are echeck or Amazon gift card.

Wtf happened to the cell plan purchase options?!

Sorry you missed it. All hell broke loose. You are forced to update.

1)There are no more carrier payments allowed.

  1. all good ads gone.

  2. new annoying pop up on every swipe

  3. new left swipe no more super silver. Left swipe has daily, weekly, and monthly games. That nobody plays anymore.

  4. new rules you must swap first. Swap rules only 4 month is $1 for 1000 (no more gold, only points). Instant swap is 2000 points. So double. One month slightly less two months slightly less so far so on.

  5. support is ignoring most of us.

  6. the swap categories are limited the amount of money that they will allow. For example instant is only allowing $100 per day. That can change in an instant. No pun intended.

8 ) basically it all sucks.
Basically you need to back read some of the threads.

9 ). Unless you match a number in the game you get zero points. Basically swiping for nothing.

Many have threatened to leave. All are unhappy. Cellnuvo future is up in the air.

Tom unleashed the update without notifying us ahead of time. Adding insult to injury

Can you explain this part more? I'm not understanding.

Also, how do I transfer my account to a new device since the one I'm currently using is incompatible with the updated app?

I'm DONE with CellLame-o. Gonna cash out my 500ish gold and take a hike... it's been more and more of a scam every month since they "lost" users' phone numbers. Don't need this BS in my life.

Two steps (new)

1). Swap your hard earned points to dollars.
Depending how long you are willing to wait. That is the exchange rate you will get

4 months will get you 1000 to $1. You will be familiar with this 1,000 equals 1 gold. No longer called gold

Instant immediate swap is a cost of 2000 to $1. ( For example your 500 gold is now worth $250
2 months wait. Will get you 1750 to $1
1 month is cost 1500 to $1

If you are willing to wait

6 months cost you only 900 to $1

9 months cost you 750 to $1

That's if there are still in business.

Then after you're done swapping you must request either Amazon credit or an e- check that will take 10 more business days. So far they are late on the Amazon credit way past 10 business days.

Tom came onto the board and told us the way it is after it was launched. And he saw that everybody was upset. Cellnuvo refuses to listen to reason. We are all saddened by this. As I said before you are not the first one to threaten to leave. The longer this goes on. The harder it will be the turn the ship back around. Tom stated that carrier payments cost them too much to do. Therefore they won't do them.

There's no such thing as 24 to 48-hour payments anymore.

Cellnuvo refuses to listen to the community anymore. Seems the exchange of ideas are over. I hope, I'm wrong.

The scariest part is when support goes silent. Refusing to answer follow up questions.

Sorry to be bearer of bad news

I highly suggest but you go back into threads and read what time wrote etc It will give you a better understanding of what's going on

@amiintoodeep and @lexusl21, Hope you don't mind if I jump in on this, but here are a couple of suggestions for you:

--To transfer your account to your new device, simply install the CellNUVO app from the Play Store (it will now be v 3.67). Once you open it, click on the ACTIVATE tab. Enter the e-mail address associated with your CN account, then hit REGISTER. You will get an alphanumeric "password" sent to that e-mail address. After you get the e-mail, simply enter the code you received and hit REGISTER, and if all goes well that should do the trick.

***Don't be shocked if your account shows all zeros when you first open it! You have to accept CN's terms and conditions before your correct balance will display.

--Now that you are up and running with the new version of the app on your new device, you can see the different menu options by tapping on the three little buttons at the top right of your screen. There you will see "Settings", "Spend & Send", and "Point Swap".

--Re: the Point Swap, yes, it's nowhere near as user friendly as the old app was, but it is what it is. At least you can check out the exchange rates and decide which one is worth it for you.

Hope this little mini-tutorial helps. Whatever you end up doing with CN, good luck to you.

Of course we're all here to help. Unfortunately we have nothing but bad news for him.

I hope things change for the better. For all of us.

You can't blame him for being angry.

Yes, the new app has been quite the learning curve to say the least, but I was very happy to get my first E-Check this past week, which I was able to deposit with no problem. So that's one little silver lining, anyway, and here's hoping that the ad payouts pick way up starting tomorrow when Q2 arrives!

Well, let's hope that this scam of a service sticks around for another four months and 10 days so I can actually use the hundreds of dollars I just swapped for. I sincerely doubt it though.

Seriously... what a horrible joke this whole CellNuvo fiasco has been. I'm definitely filing complaints with the FCC and FTC. People like Tom deserve prison time for the kinds of shenanigans they pull. I suggest other users do the same so that an investigation is launched ASAP.

I'll bet dollars to donuts that - just like CN stiffed Sprint back in the day and lost users' numbers as a result - they're going to try to skip out on honoring users' point redemptions. And a bunch of users are STILL going to defend this shady organization.

A rushed app release without notice, and an "instant swap" that essentially halves the users' earnings? Writing is on the wall... something is rotten in the state of CellNuvo.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone defending them at this moment. I think we all remember the shock a month ago. You will calm down but will still be very unhappy. I can't say I blame you or any of us.

Yes some people got e-checks , but I hear people are still waiting for their Amazon credit past 10 business days with no reply from support for a week. Is the most troubling aspect of this.

I still hope cellnuvo is able to turn this around.

The longer this goes on and no answer from support or Tom. The more concerned we will get.

Of course if you're willing to wait 9 months it cost you just .75 per $1.
So your $500 (500000) will get you $666 seems befitting huh?

No one can blame you for what you stated. Many of us feel the same way.

On the bright side some people got e checks. And we're only one month into this. So still time to turn this around . But Tom & co seem unlikely to change their mind.

In my opinion they need to do something really fast.

Again sorry for being the bearer of bad news.

I didn't spend any money on CelNUVO. I only invested some of my free time... I don't see their actions as a malicious attempt to deprive us of their promise. Changing the rules, for the worse, in the middle of game, is counterproductive from the business perspective. I just see them as trying to save the business. I posted this earlier, so I don't have to repeat myself:

If we penalize people for trying (@amiintoodeep wrote: "People like Tom deserve prison time for the kinds of shenanigans they pull") soon enough we will be out of entrepreneurs willing to try.

My issue is lack of communication. The surprise shock. The lack of Tom coming in here now. The lack if willingness to make changes .
Cellnuvo used to listen to us. Now it seems they won't

Something happened and they won't share what.

I feel like we are paying for cellnuvo's bad business decisions.

Not even a months warning

The prison comment was silly imho

Tom has indicated that he may be willing to bring back carrier payments but we will have to absorb the processing fees for those. A little increase shouldn't be too bad - better than losing half or having to wait 4 months to pay the bills. But he needs to figure something out quickly else people will cash out and leave before it happens. No idea how "soon" it will be before we hear anything.

I certainly hope it is soon, like before our bill comes due in May. Had to pay this month out of pocket and right now even the ~$10.00 was almost a stretch to pay out.

Will payments be done within 24 to 48 hours as in the past???

A bit off topic: I haven't been a CN customer for some time, but having looked at the recent big changes I was curious if anyone has gambled and chosen the 6 or 9 month compensation options, which pay better than the 4 months "full" compensation option, for someone with a lot of gold or points could reap some gains by waiting longer, assuming one has some confidence and is willing to bet that CN is still functioning well then. The 6 and 9-month options seem to be CN's version of a high(?) or better yielding savings account. Perhaps it's just an incentive to keep people around and swiping, yet who knows?

My wife did indeed swap approx. $300 worth of points for the 9 month time frame. Optimistic perhaps, but she believes Tom and CN can turn this around! Fingers crossed!

From casual observation it seems like the 9 month option is fairly popular. I've seen it go down to $0 numerous times and the amount available to swap hasn't been a tiny sum. Pew mentioned he did the 9 month one. The return looks pretty good if you look at just the numbers but there is risk involved unlike a savings account. I would imagine that the 6/9 month swaps are there to balance out the instant/1/2 month ones. With most expected to go for the 4 month option since there is unlimited availability.

I've done a good chunk of 4 month swaps and that is the sweet spot for me. I do think they will still be around in 9 months but I am not patient enough to wait that long to be paid and I am happy with the same rates as before. I did some instant swaps to pay immediate cell bills but it was painful to have to give up double the points.

I think they made a big mistake getting rid of carrier payments. If you take those out of the equation I think the new system is an improvement on the whole and they could have sold it to users. Echecks, not limited to just phones, no 1 phone per year rule, 4 months wait max for the full value of points vs longer waits under the old system for $400+ phones. But without the carrier payments people are forced to take a big hit to pay their immediate bills.

Imagine if the system was simply this:

  1. Instant carrier payments 1000:$1 with a small $ fee on top to cover costs. Limit of $100 a month as before.
  2. Amazon/echecks with a 4 month wait 1000:$1 with no $ limits!
  3. Wait 9 months and you get 750:$1 with no $ limits

I think the majority would be happy with this and cellnuvo should be too.

I'd be happier if mmface's point #2 above was changed to -

Amazon/echecks 1000:1, no wait, $100 limit per month.

The reason being, the biggest fear in my mind is the uncertainty over whether Cell Nuvo will be around for long, given the ad drought and given the hurried and half-baked nature of their app update.

I don't see bill payments returning any time soon because it would require reversing the app back to its pre-update status. It was mentioned that the major carriers had a fee to pay bills. Curious to know which ones actually have such fees. Most have an option for no fee payments as long as support is not involved, so ...