The previous owners of FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile have agreed to transfer your number to Ting. We are excited to make the CDMA network available again as soon as possible so you can come back to FreedomPop, and not get stuck paying a minimum of $18/mo for any use over 500 minutes.

You can either remain with Ting or port your number to any carrier of your choice, including Red Pocket! The Red Pocket brand will have special offers just for you starting from only $2.99! Please share your email address with us and we’ll make sure you get in on this exclusive deal that will be available starting this week.

John thomas, are you aware of anywhere that this quote currently appears? I'm aware it was up for a day or 2, and subsequently removed or hidden. It would be nice to register to see any eventual directed offer.

The rates indicated for Ting are, of course, drastically incorrect for users migrated from FreedomPop to Ting, at least according to the early peek we've seen (which has also been subsequently taken down or hidden.)

It does seem logical to me that Red Pocket/FreedomPop would be interested in acquiring these customers back, at some paid rate.

So it looks like redpocket will be charging $2.99 a month, so no more free service

Says starting. Wonder what you get?

You might be right about where Red Pocket wants to head, but....

I think it's premature to assume that from the quote above. The quote was specifically aimed at FreedomPop CDMA (Sprint) customers that are being migrated to Ting, in an attempt to lure them away from Ting and back to FP/RP. It doesn't necessarily apply to Freedompop GSM accounts that will be taken over directly by Red Pocket.

All I know is no ting for me. Imma heading to redpocket with my sprint line. Excellent company for last year. No problems. Consistent pricing. I don't want any introductory pricing. Because then they go up $$$

Right, $6 per month per line in maintenance is ridiculous. How come tello can afford great service without such a bullshit fee? My ass.

I like rp. Unless you have issues then it is pulling teeth.

But problems are rare.