WoW Coupons Credit on a Sunday!

I was surprised to get credits for coupons today. I think this is the first time I've ever gotten credit on a Sunday. Things are looking up!

I'm so used to getting no credits on the weekend that I hadn't even checked till I read the above post but I got credited for coupon prints on 3/29 and 3/30 today as well.

Same here. It's Spring time with FreeUp. Maybe FU wanted to avoid crediting on fool's day.

Me too. FYI, for the last few days I have been using the direct URL to print coupons I posted about in the other FU thread. I was credited for those days. In my testing, I am using the same browser w/cookies, cache and all. I haven't tested URL method using a brand new browser session. I'll try tomorrow. I recognize this is not a huge time saver, I am just curious.

If you go to, right-click on "Click here..." and copy URL. It should look like this:

Yep, got points posted today (Sunday). Aside from that one day of only 1 coupon, I've been getting credited for 2 coupons a day lately.


They must have hired and trained some new support staff. They have also been catching up with old support tickets.

st3fx writes: "If you go to , right-click on "Click here..." and copy URL. It should look like this:"

Thanks for the repeat description of this process-- I guess I didn't understand the reference last time, but I can now replicate your URL result.