Would you trust Tom or his CfO again?

So it has been too long since Cellnuvo's last communication.

Suffice it to say Cellnuvo, Tom, His CFO, Stephanie, (whom personally lied to me) and Support

Have disappeared and ran away without so much as a bye

Would you trust any of the above. If they came back as cellnuvo or a new different company?

As we seen other owners of small companies do.

Swiper (as they swipped your gold away)

Please stay on topic

My thinking on this is a bit complicated so the answer may seem a little long so bear with me as I try to answer this question....


Are you expecting anyone to say yes?

Weird behavior by those in charge at cellnuvo.

Without knowing how they'd reinvent themselves, what they'd be offering, what would be required of me and under what terms, I can't say one way or the other.

I agree. I doubt anything has changed since the last time this question was posed.

Stephanie has always been helpful. I don't blame her for anything. Any wrongdoing probably came from the top.

Agreed ,but the fact is she still lied to me. If she didn't believe it then she should have not said it.

I asked her directly if cellnuvo was going out of business. Answer was NO. I am paraphrasing. She was more elaborate. She was definitive and to the point. No hesitation.

Following orders from the top is never an excuse.

Maybe she was also surprised when she was out of a job???

Yes I think Stephanie/support were put in an impossible situation. Being inundated with emails and senior management not willing to answer to the customers. They aren't well paid positions usually and they shouldn't be expected to be the ones facing the angry mob whilst the higher ups hide. Stephanie probably was unaware of what was really going on.

I have most sympathy for the staff of failed companies who usually are the ones who truly lose out. We lost virtual currency, the bosses probably have other ventures to move on to and the staff have families left to feed. I do hope they have secured new work.

Ads are still populating so I doubt cellnuvo has gone out of business.

One of the many weird things about what is happening. Things work but no one is home, no payments but points accrue, app still works but you can't get it from the play store etc etc.

I thought Stephanie is a robot?

I believe that stuff happens. That said, they may have been in the position that they are now as a result of a third-party truly not paying and not necessarily for their actions.

They may have also communicated that they were not going out of business because they truly believed that was the case.

Now, considering that no word has been heard, I would find it hard to trust the management again. Still, if provided a good enough explanation that makes sense, I may try nuvo again since it was something done on time that was unproductive - thus nothing to lose.

I do think it’s employees and families are probably the ones that are going to lose / have lost the most.

Sure, we lost some cash but they likely lost their job - that after being put in a tough position of having to deal with the irate customer base resulting from the poor communication by management.

Ok let's say she had no idea cellnuvo was going to do this.

As soon as she found out. Why did she not send one of us an email? To tell us

Many of us chatted with her. Asking questions.

Hi Tom!

Tom's on it