Would you have extended on Mint?


Instead of paying this much, customers will only have to pay $135 for an extra 12 months of service. This means they will get to save $105 on the 12-month plan.

If you are among the customers who are eligible for this new special upgrade offer, you have to sign up for the offer before your first 3 months of service is over.

Technically, I think you get an extra 9 months. Those on the buy-3-month, get-3-month plan will lose the free 3 months.
But if Mint is a good fit, it might be hard to pass it up. $15/month seems very cheap with 8 gb.

I skipped that promo, so I don't have to dither about it.

Wow. This basically means for these targeted customers, they're getting about half the amount of money they expected. I wonder what their metrics were for targeting.

Just a possibility-- Mint does the 3-month promos pretty regularly, and they surely know what their conversion rate is for the follow-up 12-month plan. Perhaps that's the metric they were looking at.