Would you buy a ticket for time travel?

More exciting than a ticket for a voyage into deep space,
Time travel is a reality.

So, according to the article, if somehow I could fit into the Hadron Collider, perhaps by somehow slicing me up into all my individual atoms, and sending me round and round at near the speed of light for X number of years, I could later emerge from it and see that all humans have vanished from the earth, and come across the head of the Statue of Liberty laying upon a sandy beach. Sounds like fun. Where can I get a ticket. Seriously, though, Einstein has been proven correct about time throughout the years, no matter how counterintuitive his concepts first appear.

Then we slice and dice ourselves with our ronco tool . Pop back in the time machine and travel back in time to change the future so that the Statue of Liberty's head is no longer buried up to the neck by climate change on the sandy beach.
Every human, experiences/ validates the mutability of time. When we are older, a year passes by much faster than an afternoon did while in second grade waiting for school to get out.

Time travel ??

One small aspect of it might be interesting to me=>
If, and only IF it might be possible to travel far enough back in time to divert our species' extreme aggressions & misguided notions of dominations...that would be a great idea IMO;
But then again, I'd likely go -POOF- as well, since the male forbears and such who were soldiers would likely not have bred the same ways - but it would be 100% worth it if such a thing could be made to work.

But the idea of going forward in time to see the fruits of our destructiveness ??
Worse still - this by way of a wasteful machine which should not even have ever been built while wars go on & people starve as it uses gigawatts of electricity ?!?

Aside of all that silliness - I'd much rather get away totally & permanently from this ridiculously destruction centered place, leaving behind all the senseless wars, greed and other madnesses that seem to be in charge.

"als" said: "When we are older, a year passes by much faster than an afternoon did while in second grade waiting for school to get out." Yes, indeed, I'm so old, I'm approaching the speed of light, and, in fact, I might see that talked about white light at anytime.

Friend Isamorph - I am quite certain that many folks (myself among them), would certainly miss your shared bits of wit & wisdom, so please:
Stick around a while such that we may all share what we may ?!?

Time's variability. Indeed. Too true.
It always jars me when I realize that 'last week' may have been a couple of months (or more...) ago !!

As for altering timelines for a more 'positive' possible outcome - well - this it just too cute NOT to share:

PS (for clarity):
That video is included as humour only regarding timelines as I am not interested in pole-eee-ticks a'tall.