Would you advice buying this laptop on Alibaba?

I found this listing for a $88 laptop on Alibaba. It says it's a new laptop, and the minimum order is 1 piece. I have never bought anything on Alibaba before, so thought I'd ask for your advice -

Any advice much appreciated. TIA.

With Alibaba, make sure you check your shipping charges...they can be exorbitant, and shipping can be s--l--o--w.

But, $88 bucks probably won't break you, so what the heck.

If you order it I would be curious to hear back about it. I'm in the too good to be true camp. Since I'm no spec. expert I probably am missing a lot but one thing I noticed is that 3 different internal storage options are listed (32GB/64GB/128GB eMMC), I think the smallest would leave you almost no room beyond windows 10.

Listed RAM also seems small, and vague, for Windows 10. (2GB, with 4GB 'optional'.).
I'm guessing the listed price will be for the lowest combination of RAM and internal storage, and that upping both to realistic minimums will increase the cost. (Plus, is there any documentation indicating that either can be upgraded?)

Personally, my needs for a notebook dictate that it needs enough storage to be used locally, without internet access. This does not appear to be that type of device. If you're comfortable relying on internet access, and online storage, a device with minimal on-board storage makes more sense.

People have different needs, expectations, and comfort points. I looked at a range of cheap new laptops over Black Friday/Christmas period, and decided my needs fit better with a used business-grade laptop from a reputable reseller. (Haven't bought one yet, since Covid restrictions make it less necessary for me.....)


Well, I messaged the seller and got the feeling it was a scam. So I didn't order it.
My thanks to everyone who replied.

If you don't need Windows and could survive with a smaller screen, you could get close to that price with a Chromebook. Walmart has a refurbished 11" screen Chromebook for $95, albeit it's only 2GB of ram instead of the more common 4GB.