Works While I Sleep

My Unreal Mobile phone number was one that I used as my primary phone back in the Ring Plus days.

I don't use it a lot, anymore, but there are still some people who continue to contact me with that number-- so I didn't want to just let it go into the ether because I elected not to sign up for a Ting plan.

Before I went to bed I sent an email to Tello from my PAYG account asking if they could port that number in and discard the number on my PAYG account. (It's a junk number I don't care about.)

When I woke up it was already done. No follow up calls or emails required. One simple email and that was it.

I know that we all realize that Tello has amazing customer service, but they actually make it look easy.

The only other customer support I know of that's that good is Ting.

Mint is pretty good, but they're not in Tello/Ting territory.

Since I was porting from Ting to Tello I had the two best organizations taking care of the handoff. Gotta love that.

Did your email include the pin etc?

Just FYI if you want to port in a number you can do so by swapping the device as it asks whether you want to port in at that point. I swap in a spare device and then swap back to the one I want and input the port details then so it is all ready to go. But good to know customer service can take care of it if you prefer.

Yes. I included the porting info in the original email.