workplace text pranking suggestions?

I recently got pranked at work. It was a great one. I would like to enlist our wonderfully creative nth circle members in creating a return work prank.
I'm old school and am perfectly capable of replying with shaving cream, etc pranks that are so old that they are probably new to the kids. But wonder if any of the wonderfully creative Nth circle members can suggest a text prank I can send on an official work dumb-phone. or any other wonderfully creative workplace prank..

One possibility: if you can send a text from a phone where you cannot be identified as the sender, you could send a text to a male or female saying how radiant, beautiful...Etc., they look today(you get the idea) and say you are a secret admirer, and request they text you back and guess who you are. But this sort of prank may be unacceptable in your work environment, and may cause other problems as well.:huh:

Not being a prankster myself I must abstain from that portion, but here is a bit on the 'from' side for you:
There are actually online ways to send an SMS quite anonymously.
Another way to do it is to get a new GV account & number from someplace you are not - but as with all things google, it is not 100% free of tracking.