With holiday season approaching

My yearning for cellphone money is getting stronger and stronger and I am getting more and more pessimistic/depressed. Tom, I hope you are happy.

Go easy on Tom, for people have been falsely accusing him of horrible things, he's having memory lapses, and he believes a local veterinarian will hurt his dog.

Well I hope that he can advertise for political campaigns with cellnuvo and make some money to pay us. Soon. This is only fair.

That info is old news. Just like cellnuvo. It is over. With them owing us money

Even though they owe me money I'm more upset they just disappeared. Bs move

Well since he has a Facebook. I guess we could all tell him how he hurt many of us?

Seems he hurt more then cellnuvo people. At least he is a universal jack...

Once could be considered an unfortunate mistake.

Multiple times to many different people in his life and not caring. Is a different story.

What do you call people like that? Medical term

Psychopathic. Sociopathic. Narcissistic.
Take your pick ?!?

Is their such a thing as a combo of your second and third pick?

Obviously someone who is like this needs professional help.

How else could you describe someone who could ignore the destruction they leave behind?

Sure would be a nice surprise if the machine started working just for the holidays.

All the terms used by shrinks & such are very inexact, naturally - so:

If you prefer, just look into what those folks call 'cluster b' disorders & you'll get enough results to keep you busy for quite some time !!

To my view, it seems as if NPD has pretty much become an accepted cultural 'norm' these days, but that is just my old self looking around in amazement...and of course 'theft as a legitimate business tactic' has also become quite 'normal' now.

How younger folks are able to just be OK with such things seems to be a reflection of the widespread 'norm' of NPD as well...I'm guessing ??

It's probably not listed in the DSM, but CN's behavior seems to be an example of sheer opportunism to me.

He is a politician, he has a few businesses, why can't he pay off the debt here with incomes generated by other businesses?

I assume you have two choices. Both will leave a bad taste imho

1). Move on and take the loss like the rest of us.

2). Go to Tom's Facebook page and ask him to pay you (us)
You might get some results. Most likely he will ignore you, but at least you will get to tell him what you think.

I am surprised everyone here has not done this. Since most here are pissed at the treatment we received.

Unfortunately he has no conscience and decided to just leave and ignore us. Pretty bad way to act.

I wonder how much does Tom owe us? I guess no more than 100 thousand USD.

Wifey says Tom owes her a little over 500 Gold or Points.

$550 for me
Happy Holidays

Mine is about 900 dollars. What makes my blood boil is I requested an Amazon giftcard way before the stupid 4 month rule came into being.

Let's be real here. CN was a cashgrab from the start. The whole reason that the payout delay was implemented was because of a surge of users wanting to cash out - it was a way to cancel those payouts. Tom needed a way to diffuse the immediate capital impact and determine if the CN scam would be viable after the initial "hit" of comeuppance. It wasn't, so he bailed. Classic sociopathic business tactic. Crucify him via social media if you REALLY want to have an impact on his ability to do this again in the future; complaining on nthcircle isn't going to impact him.

Hmm---4.7 million in revenue?


Black Friday is just a few days away.... Tom I hope you are happy.