Wish me luck

Needed to buy a replacement AC/DC power supply with 1.6v output.

Went for a universal one for the same price.

It's cheap, 62 reviews give it an average of 2 out of 5, and it's called Memex. :ohmy:

Wish me luck!

Luck you may need. One out of four buyers gave it five stars, and two out three buyers gave it one star. If you get one from assembler # 104 at the factory in China, you're good to go, but if you get one from assembler # 63, you're out of luck. Hopefully assembler #63 has been let go. One reviewer said the company did not have a return policy, but because it's an Amazon purchase, you should be able to return it for a refund, if you haven't electrocuted yourself.

Gonna measure the voltage when I get it and then decide whether a refund is in order.

Gotta love Amazon and eBay and credit card protection. Saves me a ton of money and bother when there are problems.

What's your application?

Electric shock therapy for cellnuvo customers.

I need to be able to start with a low output voltage and step it up in increments.

I also need to reverse the polarity because that's what always worked in Star Trek.

And finally, I needed multiple adapters because then there are more insertion points.

It doesn't look like there's a way to disconnect unused connectors-- it would be a good idea to tape over connectors that are capable of shorting out if they are unused. (9V, 2.5mm, 3.5mm). The barrel connectors should be okay to leave floating around, as long as you're using tip-positive polarity.

Too many fake reviews on Amazon. Go report them. You got nothing better to do?

I just had a weird idea about this.

The battery in my device probably needs a bit of conditioning. I have a smart aa charger that can do that.

What if I buy an aaa to aa battery adapter, connect my existing tip to it, insert the adapter into the smart battery charger, and let it charge / recondition my device battery?

I think it'll work!

If you are going to mix different kinds of batteries with conditioners made for one type ie NiCd, NiMh, Alkaline use caution, don't leave unobserved and have a fire extinguisher nearby (think cheap chinese hoverboards), overcharging is a real threat. Alkaline 1.5v, NiCd 1.5v, NiMh 1.2v.
AA and AAA batteries have the same voltage but different only in size and mah (milliamp hours) ratings.

Thanks for the warning. No, there is no battery mixing going on. Just rigging up my La Crosse battery charger to charge a non removable NiCad battery in a vibrator.

Adapter arrived today. Voltages are off. It also started smelling after running for a while.

Very poor quality. I wonder what amazingly different high quality unit some people got that justified a few 5 star reviews.

Remember the name to avoid it: MEMEX

Asked for a refund through ebay. Seller gave it in 32 minutes.

Got to love transparent marketplaces. Forces sellers to do the right thing.