Winter Hands Fix (that works for me...)

Back story:
All my adult life I've gotten what I call 'winter hands'.
No matter what hand lotion I used or how much of it my fingers would often get cracked skin & sometimes even end up bleeding.

My 1st success was discovering that I could combine coconut oil with lanolin & a few drops of essential oil to make the best hand lotion (for me) ever.
And the cracked skin then became avoidable.

Later still, someone, someplace suggested to try aloe juice - which I always thought of as slimy & gross...but I tried the type suggested, finding that it was quite palatable.

Now I take a few little sips of that before bed, and find that I (mostly) no longer need any hand lotion - that juice seems to almost be a miracle cure for me.

2 little pertinent bits of info for anyone interested=>

  • It is suggested as a digestive aid & if used too much can make for very loose BMs;
  • The product I am using and can recommend can be ordered from Target at a cost of ~$7/gallon (which lasts us a month or more).

I hope this info is helpful and/or useful for other folks.

Would you say your couple of sips is about 1/2 ounce or would it be less? A little 15ml medicine cup is 1/2 ounce. Thanks

Hello 112059 & thanks for your query.

Please pardon my inexact measures - I found what works best for me by simple trial & error...with the errors being from drinking too much of it.

My best guess volume-wise Is a total of maybe 3/4 of a shot glass full, slowly sipped.

Again - apologies - I take it straight from the refrigerated jug each night before sleep.

My guessed at amount may be less suitable for anyone else, based upon age, physique & lifestyle.

Thanks, I'll pass on the info to someone I know.

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