Will points made with 3.15 show up after app update?

I have about 500 points with 3.15 not credited.

Can't find the post, but I remember someone saying they were screen recording their swipes on 3.15 that weren't rewarding.

If they're not crediting on 3.15, I think you'll never see credits for them. (Hint: CellNuvo doesn't want us using 3.15, and that's why there are no points.)

It gets me some don't understand when cellnuvo stated "mandatory update"

There was a period of more than a week after the notice saying 'mandatory upgrade" during which the app continued to function and reward silver. For those aware that the upgraded version(s) weren't functioning properly, it's understandable why they would stay put.

Even after the notice to uograde, the 3.15 bersion was very lucrative.

Ok so cellnuvo is slow. That is nothing new.

The old version may have been left live as an accommodation to allow plenty of time for people to upgrade. It's deactivation either indicates we've had enough time to transition, or may reflect the end of agreements with old ad vendors.

Welcome to the new frustrating app, Hungry_Hog!

What's odd is 3.15 is still running what used to be 100 pt. surveys and AdColony ads (no silver earning) and Swipir, is running AdColony adds too. In fact, Super Silver is still running too (no earnings).