WiFi calling

Just trying to see if there is anyway to receive calls via WiFi ? I know you can make calls with WiFi calling app, but if I don’t have any receptions inside, will I be able to jump unto WiFi automatically?

For those who want to know. I recently port in from Verizon. Took 15 mins and that’s with calling csr when I messed up my Verizon account number. I chose the global unlimited with 1gb plan. I actually also have a Verizon esim on the same phone, so far everything works, including iMessage. Very happy so far! Thanks for those who helped!

Not sure exactly what your asking, but the FreeUp video below instructs on how to make calls and indicates how one can receive calls with the FreeUp talk app. If you have your phone's wifi turned on, and it is connected to wifi in your home or another wifi hotspot away from home, you should be able to make and receive calls without any cellular reception.

Hi my question is do I have to start the call within the app to use WiFi calling? Would it work if I initiate my call within the native iPhone dialer?
Is there a way to use Verizon LTE to make a call on the same phone?
Thanks for your help and the video!

I know little about iphones with esims/dual sims, so someone familiar with iphones may be able to answer your question about the native dialer, or you can just try it. If you have a dual sim phone, and have a Verizon account and a FreeUp account, then you should be able to call from either account. Did you get a FreeUp physical sim for your iphone, or use the esim with FreeUp? The below links may answer your questions.

I downloaded the app, but it seemed I couldn't received any phone calls from the app. It was designed to make a call only.