Why don't they just pay us the money directly?

If people are going to use whatever cell phone service they want, and Cellnuvo will just pay your bill
Why not just give us the money directly?

Great idea---but that would be too simple for many, and it requires money..:slight_smile:

they aint got no money.

besides, they purchase a service for you that would cost you one dollar but they might actually pay 50 cents for it.

There is that.

That would break their current model of promising you service and providing and paying nothing.

what is going on now?


This is the best answer to the question OP!

Jokes aside there are tons of reasons why not. For one they can't market themselves as some kind of cellular plan alternative if they just give out cash. They probably make money directing you to providers, whistleout probably pay for hits, probably cheaper to bill pay vs virtual visa cards/paypal etc.

Plus that risks people converting gold as soon as they make it which will increase cashflow requirements. Ideally they would hope you take out a small amount of gold monthly rather than in one big chunk.

I think we're just running around in circles here:

After seeing the new Cellnuvo website, I just have one thing to say - Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!