Why do you have to swipe 10 times to get 1 ad?

Why not just give less points per ad, but get an ad every time?

I swipe 10 times in row row with no adds, then I just give up

It's possible someone has done extensive testing and concluded that we're more likely to keep swiping if the payout comes in larger chunks, even if less frequently. (i.e., the slot machine syndrome-- no one plays 25C machines to get a regular nickle payout. )


My theory is that there are times when there are more users on the system swiping and so the ads available are spread more thinly. If you swipe at odd hours the ads are more plentiful. Also I think there is a renewal of ads each day around midnight eastern time so if more people have been swiping in a particular day (especially early on) there could be less ads available.

I also think since they are using third party ad providers that they are also limited by what the ad providers send at any particular time. We've just had Black Friday so inevitably companies would have already pushed many of the ads out already or spent their ad budget. So right now it could be that there are less ads circulating. They also may have limits on how many of a particular ad they can show per hour or a particular company has paid for 3000 hits to be spread out over a month. So you are not going to get 3000 of that ad in the system on the first day - you might only get 100 of them.

Personally I like the 30 silver ones. I would rather have slow periods if they bring back higher paying ads. Constant swiping for 2-10 silver ads is not my idea of an easy task. If I could spend 10 minutes and get 300 silver I would prefer that then swiping for an hour to earn the same even if each swipe brings an ad.

I still like this explanation better. :wink:

I think it's simply to reward persistence.

But swiping 15 times to get a 4 point ad, its really not worth it at this point
I think its time to move on

You're right-- for the intermittent reward theory to work, the payoff has to be larger when it comes.
Nobody plays a 25C slot machine for intermittent nickle rewards, either.

When I've run into that problem before, I put the phone down for a while, and try again later.... or tomorrow.

Everyone must find their own breaking point. Many here found that point few months ago. I continue to hang on for some reason.

Like KentE says, the best way to play cellnuvo is to swipe when the going is good and put it down when it isn't. If I was swiping 10 times with no ad or for a 4 silver ad I would stop and try again another day/time. Yes it has been slim picking lately but the other day there was a 60 silver quip ad and a 30 silver one. As well as a couple of 20 silver ones. So some good ones out there at certain times. There have been quite a few 250 silver surveys too.

Many are just holding off altogether until they see some progress with the new billing system. We have had a few success reports which is promising but I would like to see more flood in.

I probably get one of those 250 point surveys half the times I try swiping. That's a good payout. And somebody fixed something with them a while back-- when they first started showing up regularly, neither of my (old) phones would 'play' them-- now both do..