Why Blocked or Banned?

I was wondering why forum member Georgehaggar, who posted on the Visible join party thread, was flagged and banned or blocked? Does Nth have a rule against people with large Visible parties posting on the join party thread, and are people with large parties somehow cheating others with smaller parties? Or was the member just banned for posting a few times in a short space of time?

My guess is for basically spamming the referral thread, in order to maintain a highly visible 'last post' position. Posting once, and updating that post with the new member count, probably wouldn't have gotten anyone in hot water. Deleting a 60-day old post & posting a new one with newer user counts, probably woulnd't have been a problem. It appears to be a 3-day suspension, which is sometimes a method of encouraging a user to change their posting behavior.
Just a guess, though.