Who's growing food?

I'm getting excited about the growing season and getting ready to make plans on this years garden. Last year was a succes, I had Kennebec potato vines that grew 5' and I grew the largest tomato (Pineapple Tomato) I have ever grown, the largest being 37oz. I had 2 plants that grew 9' 5" tall and at the end of the growing season I picked about 40lbs., yes 40 lbs of green tomatoes from those 2 plants alone. Hope this year is a repeat or maybe better.

We had 2 lovely tomato plants: and learned that deer apparently love tomatoes. Sadly, they were quite thorough & returned each day. At least we got to see the deer sometimes.

Interesting thread. I always wanted to live in a place where I could grow a ton of fruits and veggies without having to water the plants/trees. Nature does all the watering. Of course, land also has to be cheap in that area. I asked the Department of Agriculture but never got any response to my letter to them. I wanted at least 50 ac of land. Not that I have the money for it. But something to dream about.

I have never had deer bother my tomato plants, but one year I lost a dozen tomato plants to a groundhog.

With a sunny location of 12 square feet (3'x4') you can grow 100 lbs of potatoes.