Who/what has chased off the active posters here in recent times?

So few new threads here lately - and many of those are political in nature, which seems like a poor fit for a telecom centered forum.

I truly miss the days when this forum was hopping with all sorts of truly interesting contributions, and goodies from folks like Kent & Isamorph.

IMO it would be a very happy thing for activities here to get busier once again.

Most of the posts in telecom have nothing to do with telecom.

What do you mean by "all sorts"? "all sorts" of telecom topics or non telecom topics?

Sounds like you must be referring to non telecom topics which contradicts your complaint that there are non telecom topics here.

I would classify the discussion of Trump as being in the criminal law, not the political category. Okay, maybe you could argue the cult category. Guy has evolved from being just a con man/moron to somebody who is trying to start a Civil War. Why? Because his ego cannot handle an election loss. Every other person in America would have been jailed long ago for all that criminal behavior. Yet, he still freely walks the street causing more harm to this country than any individual has done in American history.

Country needs Trump in prison to demonstrate that nobody is above the rules of law, especially that nobody is above the Constitution.

In my opinion there just isn't a whole lot of interesting things going on in telecom. No Ring+, no CellNuvo, no free for a year Sprint, etc...

The only interesting thing to me of late was the Freedompop 100/100/100 plan from Target, it works with my $15 AT&T prepaid phone KentE let us know about a while back, so for $20 each I have 2 glovebox phones, one for my wife and one for myself with no other cost until Freedompop stops service (hopefully it will continue for a long time)

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This forum USED to have all sorts of interesting & helpful posts - yes, mostly telecom and/or technically oriented, and;
It also had MANY more very active posters - many of which seem to have just vanished altogether.

Honestly, in my POV:

ALL folks who lie as their career are scumsucking bottom feeders who ought to be treated accordingly...BUT=>
That sort of stuff is NOT what has been so likable about this forum.

Sad but true:

This forum DID help me to get the FP free GSMA, for which I am quite grateful !!

The region including most of NH, ME & pretty much all of VT is quite spotty signal-wise.
Adding to that is that here in VT the tariffs only allow VZ & AT&T, so having free GSMA (that I seldom use) is superb.

I think it was JVV that first alerted us to this plan (FP 100/100/100 at Target for $4.99) and redrotors that provided the link for more research. I am thankful this forum is here for all to learn and also wish we had more activity. It's good you were able to get that gap in Verizon's coverage filled, so strange VT can't have TMO tariff free.

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Hello 112059.
The tariffs here outright dictate there can ONLY be 2 cellular providers.

Way back when those were CellularOne & NE Telephone, which over time morphed into just VZ & AT&T.
(New England Telephone - Wikipedia)

Funny thing about this is that one can go to any state next door to VT & they may have all sorts of providers, and towers splattered visibly all over the landscape.

What with the typical VT restrictions on cluttering the landscape - that may be what created the lack of providers...?

But - for us, so long as we can mostly use cellular when it is needed, we've learned to live with what we've got.