Who did enough silver for latest iPhone in only a month?

Says the site lol.

And are those customer comments real lol.

Who hasn't been getting their monthly iPhone by swiping the intermittently crediting ads?

I've been stacking mine like Jenga blocks.

The only problem is they are not supported on CellNUVO but don't worry the app is on the way...Soon, just like it was 10 months ago.

They will also be accepting"Gold" here - (soon)

Thou has little faith

No Hassle
No Doubt



“With three teenagers at home, my cell phone bill was outrageous, but since we started using CellNUVO in 2013, I have saved over $5,000” - Becky, mother of three

Didn't CN launch in 2015?

Early (early) Adopters.


Are you calling a MOTHER of 3 a liar? Lol

Well they did not ask him us for quotes. I wonder why

I wonder where the $5,000 review was posted, for it was not one of the few reviews of the CellNUVO app in the Google play store, and I did not see it on this forum nor on a few other CN links. Maybe it was posted on a now defunct review site.

Time to do some dd

The earliest capture on the Internet Archives (of the CellNuvo website) is April 2014. They were in beta testing then, with a fixed number of subscribers-- and appear to have been totally filled at that time, with a waiting list. So 2013 does seem realistic.

2015 was when they opened for new signups on demand without limits. (No longer in beta testing.)