Which is better? Amazon Fire Stick or Roku stick for elderly?

Which is better? Amazon Fire Stick or Roku stick for elderly?

Both need to have netflix and amazon prime

I noticed amazon fire stick has Alexa button on remote
Which might be easier. Since you do not need a separate Alexa correct?

Roku does not have a button? But it says it works with hey google. So you need a separate google box?

in general which is better amazon or Roku?

Some Roku devices do have voice control buttons on their remotes.. Both the Fire stick and Roku devices have both Netflix and Prime Video. Google assistant works with some Roku devices, but has some limitations if one doesn't have a Roku TV. I'm elderly and have only used Roku, Android TV boxes, and a Chrome cast, so I can't say if they are better than the Fire TV stick. Neither the Roku or Fire TV sticks are that hard to comprehend. If your elderly person can use an ipad, they should have no problem with the basics of a Roku or Fire TV device.

I'm the unofficial tech support for a number of elderly people in my community and I find that they're much more comfortable with the Roku user interface. It's clean, logical and uncluttered.

The Fire Stick user interface looks like the Las Vegas Strip. "Look here! No, look here! Girls, girls, girls!"

You'll find that there's definitely a steeper learning curve for the elderly on a Fire Stick.

What I liked about the fire stick was the Alexa button on the remote. Does Roku stick have a Google button or do you need to get a Google mini.? Rather on the remote

None of our Rokus have a button for voice input. I do know that there's an app that will allow a Google Home device to work with a Roku but I think it's pretty clumsy. You tell it to click down or up or left or right. It's basically just like using the remote but pressing the buttons with your voice.

If having a voice assistant is important then Fire Stick is the way to go.

This Roku has a voice button and also works with Google Assistant--take a look at the pictures.

Going to order that thank you