Which is a faster turnaround: eCheck or Amazon?

My swap is finally available to cash out and I was wondering if one method has a faster turnaround?
I would prefer cash but if Amazon gift card is faster, I will go that route since I can always find things to buy on Amazon .


amazon is usually a couple of days faster but sometimes echecks have been faster so ymmv. Might as well just get what you want.

I haven't upgraded from 3.15 yet, but the store has changed and only echeck and amazon giftcard is available. I tried to request an echeck. Now this is what pissed me off-road

First I tried to request $300, but was told I could only request $0-100; then I tried to request $100, was told "insufficient credit, transaction cancelled." I don't think this is a good sign.

I think the early releases of v3.6 had that 'insufficient credit' bug, too. Since 3.15 is officially unsupported, CN may not feel compelled to fix a similar bug there.

If you have some need to stay on v3.15, consider extracting the apk, loading 3.69, and requesting your swaps there. Later, uninstall and reload v3.15 again. (Assuming it will still authorize, of course.)

Thanks. I opted for Amazon and got a confirmation screen but my $ is still showing up on the app and nothing on my purchase history. Is that normal? Other than the confirmation screen that i luckily kept a screenshot of, there is no indication that I spent my $.

I have emailed support but no word back yet

Afraid so. The $ get deducted sometime after you are paid. And it should go into purchase history after you are paid as well. Yes there really should be some kind of pending payment indicator in the app. I did suggest it to cellnuvo who said they were planning on adding something like that.

Thank you for that info. At least now I know it's not an error that the $ has not been deducted yet. Now to wait 2 weeks...