Which frozen pizza brands do NthCircle members like, or at least find acceptable?

My wife makes incredible home-made pizza, and we are blessed with several exceptional pizzerias near our home ; so why this topic thread?----because every now and then we want some very quick pizza with no effort what so ever.

We've tried so many frozen pizza brands, regardless of price , but nothing has been close to acceptable--- except for one, which surprisingly was a very low priced brand.

So, which frozen pizza brands do NthCircle members like, or at least find acceptable?

Dont know, I just had a Red Baron pizza as it was on sale at Vons/Safeway last week and I guess it was ok.

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The pizza shops in our town both closed down. So there's no place to buy a pizza anywhere close to here.

While I don't mind making my own from scratch, and I do a pretty good job of it, I will reluctantly admit that sometimes we start with a frozen pizza and add to it before we throw it in the oven.

We've tried all of the frozen pizzas that our local supermarket has to offer and the only two we like are Red Baron and Tombstone.

Even they didn't turn out very well, when we followed their instructions, but now I use a cast iron griddle that I let preheat in the oven, while I dress up the pizza.

I then place the pizza on the cast iron griddle and, I have to admit, we end up with a pretty respectable pizza.

It's hard for me to say these words out loud but it is what it is. I'm someone who cooks almost everything from scratch so admitting to frozen pizza is not an easy thing.

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Frozen pizza, for me, is effectively a distinct thing from chain delivery pizza, which is different from small-shop pizza, which is different from homemade. I can be craving one and have no interest in any of the other three, but I can also have no interest in any because I just had something with a red sauce last night. It varies a lot.

That said, the frozen pizzas I find most palatable for what I want from them are Red Baron, Tombstone, and the Food Lion store brand.

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Hm... so a 12" frozen pizza has half the area of a 16" Sams Club pizza. So $5 for frozen 12" or $9 for a hot 16" seems to make frozen not worth it.

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My favorite non chain delivery pizza is Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen pizza (ALDI). They are available in both 12" and 16". They also make the frozen pizza not worth it....

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I miss the combo pizza at Costco.

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Here's the one frozen pizza I've found close to acceptable (which is in sync with some of the above comments): Red Baron Classic Crust.....


Wow, why eat frozen when you can get 5 topping for $10 first week then $7 subsequent weeks.

You'd have to like Domino's Pizza. I'd rather go this route. $3.14 11" pizza on Pi day:

Based on your comment, we decided to try Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen pizza (ALDI). We got the 16" pepperoni which cost only $6.50 ( at a whopping 2 lbs and 9oz.)

My family's verdict---the best retail bake at home pizza we've tried so far.

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I'm with sblake5 on this one. I'm not sure I can think of a frozen brand I've tried in the past several years that I wouldn't pick over Domino's most days.

I also usually think that after the extra cheese (okay, there are a FEW places I don't think need extra cheese, but not many) and the first meat, adding more toppings is usually making the pizza less appetizing. I do make an occasional exception for bacon and ground beef or for barbecued chicken and ham, but the latter is (so far) specific to one place.

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Quarter of the red basin pizza in my 6 qt air fryer.

Ah yes, one quarter of an air fried frozen pizza and perhaps some Asti Spumanti....the good life!

I wonder how many times they rehearsed that so they could have a final one shot take with no edits.