Where do you get cellphone internal battery changed

where do you get cellphone internal battery changed?

Where you can wait an hour. Not a mail in place

Just curious how much is it to change a galaxy s8 or s8 active. For example?

If you mail it in it takes a week?

I imagine that most places prepared to do this are small independent shops, local to your area. Here, sometimes independent computer shops do phone repairs. Try those and each time you get a "no, we don't", ask if they know a local company that does. Craigslist or similar would be a good place to search, too.

Mmfacemm mentioned. Ubreakifix. Company. They Samsung certified.

I can't believe that companies like Samsung or LG or Moto are allowed to cell phones that they don't support and replace batteries. They shouldn't be allowed to do internal batteries if they don't support it.

How often do those batteries need to be replaced?

If no break issue. 3 to 5 years

Cell phones are being turned into a commodity like orange juice. And I even supposed to hand them down to your children.

Ubreakifix looks interesting-- I wasn't aware of them, and they do have several locations within reasonable driving distance of me.
Battery replacement charges aren't shown on the website- if you check with them, lexusl21, would you share the quote with us?

(Of course, for my collection of cheap devices, most of the repair charges I can see aren't viable. No complaint about pricing intended-- just that it's hard to pay shop labor charges to fix a $50 phone..... )

Thank mmfacemm.

I read around. $70

Welcome to the new reality. The public accepted the lame excuses from phone makers. That they need internal batteries to make phones , watterproof, thin, less hot, less manipulation

The public accepted the lies. All makers followed Apple.

Result battery changes cost $70 and up. And take 1 hour to a week to do.

Forget about hand me down phones. If it costs $100. Most will buy new phones

Thus cellphones the new commodity.

I remember walking in to a small store with a different name. Asking how much and how long. I was told about an hour and about $100.

Forget about opening up the back of the phone when buying a $10 battery life Amazon. That's what they were trying to stop in my opinion

There are still a few new phones that come with replaceable batteries such as the Moto E 4, but they are the exception rather than the rule nowadays. If these sold like hotcakes for an extended period of time, then maybe there would be a shift to making more replaceable battery phones. Someone should make a flagship phone with a replaceable battery and see how it sells. But, then, everyone wants thin and to be thin these days.

Is the galaxy s9 really that much thinner then the Galaxy s5?

I don't think so