Where are dewey & oldbooks?

I know oldbooks will probably be back, so this question is really about dewey.

Is he banned and were his posts deleted by hungryghost?

Or did he delete all his posts himself?

I know that he posted up a story originally written by theonion.com thinking it was true. I suspect he received it as fake news in his Trump social media circles.

Was he sufficiently embarrassed that he exposed himself as gullible enough to pass it around as fact, so he self censored?

Or was he banned for that and / or something else he said?

Either way, I miss him :lol:

Good questions. I hope Oldbooks1 is somewhere on a nice trip. I did not see that dewey/truman had deleted all of his posts. If true, I suppose his posts, which may have been true, that told me how despicable I am will be consigned to the dustbin of history, at least for now. How does one delete all of one's posts?

didn't we have one person delete all his posts on RingPlus. So Dewey is that same person?

Maybe Robert Mueller is investigating Dewey, too.

Could be. Oldbooks1 once wondered on a R+ forum post what was behind the avatars used on forums? Best of all possible worlds, or.....

Sorry--don't know and don't know.

This was dewey on Ringplus Social: