When will tello sell phone cards in Amazon?

I want to use my amazon credits to buy unlimited low speed data from tello.

I thought you wanted a phone?

I have bought a phone but I have three cellnuvo accounts.

which phone did you get? How much did it cost?

ZTE Blade V8 Pro $143. I am very upset now because someone else got it for $120. so now I need to get another one at $100 to average the price down.

Is there led notifications on that phone? I just read it is dual sim, but is there A seperate sd card slot or you have to use a sim slot?

Also I read it is not super almoded screen. Is it sharp enough? Is is ips or tft lcd?

Do you like it? Cellnuvo gold paid for it all?

I am glad you finally got a phone for your gold.

I gave it to one of my friends because she has been crying for it for a few months.

My other account has 100 golds and I am waiting for a price drop.

I wouldn't hold my breath for Tello service cards through Amazon-- because they're not available anywhere.
This would require a significant change of Tello's system, not just adding an existing product via another vendor.

Much higher chance of Red Pocket expanding their Amazon offers with something close to the Ebay offers.

A workaround is to use Amazon credit to buy something you were going to buy elsewhere/anyway, and then use that money at Tello. (I've bought shoes, shampoo, lightbulbs, etc., at Amazon, as an example-- necessities that I had to buy somewhere.)

Can you answer my questions pls

I have no idea. I handed the unopened box to her directly. I will tell you everything when I get one for myself.

A truphone sim is good too.

She must be a very special lady, Hungry-Hog! I know you've been working hard to get a phone for yourself, and it's kind of you to help her first.

Agreed! Who says chivalry is dead?

She likes me, which makes her special.